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Essay: Understanding the Three Levels of Product and Service in Whale Watching Activity

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There are three level of product and services which are core, actual and augmented. Core product can be defined as a non-tangible product which is untouchable and only give benefits to their consumers. In this case study we can find their core product is the experience with the whales. We can gain experience involving the whales since it is very limited services provides this kind of activity towards their consumers. The next level of production is actual product. Actual product is a physical product which is touchable, and you can get some use of it. For example, in whale watching activity, you can find the actual product by the whale watching while enjoying the great view of Kaikuora Canyon. Other than that, you also can take pictures with the whales. The last component of level of product is augmented product which is known as the premium side of the product that need to add value or need to pay more to get the services. It is non-physical part of product and always a choice for their customer. In this case study we can find the augmented such as offering a selection of clothing , some souvenirs shop , providing a café as complements to the whale watching with a fresh baking and coffee.   

Based on this case, Whale Watch has provided many services to ensure the visitors have memorable experiences and satisfied with their company. Firstly, the company is located in Kaikoura which is the town has become a leading tourist destination. The company that has put Kaikoura on the tourist map is the largest employer in town during the peak tourist season which could be considered as service perishability. Secondly, in 2016, Kaikoura experienced earthquake has meant that the company business has been running limited services while repairs are made to harbour at Kaikoura. The company is still working on plans to develop the long-term- growth of their business and their marketing efforts designed to attract independent tourists have been paying off which is this could also be considered as service perishability. However, worsening air pollution in China has increased the visitors in New Zealand since Chinese visitors desire for eco tours and visit pristine natural environments and island destinations. In other words, many hotels in New Zealand need to make big efforts to cater for the growing Chinese market. For example, they include Chinese food options in breakfast buffets and more Mandarin travel guides to make sure the customers satisfied with their services and become loyal customers to the company. This could be considered as a service-profit chain. Lastly, the safety and comfort of passengers is the most important quality in the Whale Watch business. This is the service variability of the company.

Whale watch can generate new product or services by collecting Chinese tourist preference. The marketing team can provide a questionnaire to the existing customer to collect the preference of the Chinese. Next, the marketing team also can make a research about China country itself. As example, Chinese cities are among the world's most polluted, partially due to the rapid industrialization that has occurred in China over the last five decades. () So, Whale watch can advertise free pollution environment to attract the Chinese tourists.

The marketing can propose to open a restaurant that provide Chinese food and drinks near the Whale watch site. The restaurant can accommodate allergies and taste preference as requested by the customer. The restaurant may hire the local staff that are quick, friendly, attentive and applicable to speak Mandarin so they can create a great relation with the Chinese tourist. Besides, the restaurant should hire a trained chef that bring a wealth of knowledge to the kitchen in order to fulfil all the food preference by the customer. They can design special menu based on the Chinese festival and provide spacious venue that able to sit for family, couple, solo diner or function no matter the size of the party. During New Year, Chinese will have New Year’s Eve Dinner where they gathered with their family and have dinner together. Normally fish will be served during the dinner and since the restaurant located near to the sea, it will be easier to get fresh seafood. It will increase the satisfaction of Chinese customer since they can have their dinner properly and at the same time they can enjoy pollution-free environment. So, from the food selection, comfortable surroundings, and friendly staffs dining at this restaurant will be an unforgettable experience to the Chinese.  

 In my opinion, a non-Māori business should not be free to use Māori imagery for their logo because loss of authenticity and only Māori knows what their brand means. Maori branding stated that ‘we create authentic, safe and meaningful brands’. That clearly shows that Māori have their own meaning in all their brand which they have around 13 sub brand in their organisation. The uniqueness and specialty of Māori brings value to the their brand. It was shown in the article that overseas buyers may not know what does the brand mean. The logo must be preserved at all cost for their belonging. A non-Māori business may be using Māori’s logo for their business but they don’t know the true meaning of the logo even if the tourist or their buyer wants to buy it, thus they will have the difficulty to explain it. To conclude, the Māori heritage should only be used by their own people to protect their own cultural value.

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