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Essay: Improve Agriculture with APT Agriculture-2020 using Artificial Intelligence and IoT

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   The aim of of our project is to Improve  agriculture by using  APT AGRICULTURE -2020 application through artificial intelligence and Internet of things.The introduction of artificial intelligence and internet of things into modernised agriculture will solve the problem facing  by emerging  farmers for the large productions.The main objective is to detect the movement of the animals and insect which affect the plants.Sensor are capable of providing Information of air ,water and soil temperature, humidity, pressure, moisture of the soil, solar radiation, ultra sound ,Ph of water, dissolved oxygen and infected plant and weed in farmland.  



    The Internet of things is the emerging paradigm, which contain huge amount of smart devices connected to the internet for communicating with each other.These IoT devices are used in many fields which make the users day to day life more comfortable. In recent years, the growth of internet is tremendous and has been further extended to connecting things through internet. All devices are connected to one another with various smart technologies to create worldwide ubiquitous network called IoT. So, this IoT and artificial intelligence technology provide an efficient and new way in the agriculture field.. India ‘s population is increasing day by day, this result in  the need of food, so using of technology in agriculture is necessary. The main problem of the farmers are lack of rain and scarcity of water. The objective of this paper is to change the traditional ways of farming into technical way of farming. Agriculture is the back bone of our economy but it faces many problems through insects, weeds and diseases. This system is working without human interference. Whenever there is a change in temperature and humidity these sensors senses and detect the environmental problems. These problem can be appropriately rectified by using Apt Agriculture-2020 application.

The need of Apt Agriculture -2020:

 Simple and easy to install.

 Saving energy and resources, so that it can be utilised in proper way and amount.

 Time saving and Human errors are eliminated.

 Farmer would be able smear the right amount of water at the right time.

 It is cost efficient.


To create smart agriculture  through the application Apt Agriculture -2020

To configure periodical and on-demand field monitoring system to the environmental status

To discourage weeds and time.

To reduce the waste of water and to maximise the crop yield according to the weather conditions and the real water needs.

To provide Hi-Quality Farm monitoring and irrigation by validating the measure of environmental status.

To provide the Better quality manual for better farming in order to increase the productivity.


    This project consists of soil management, weed management, Insect management, Disease management, Irrigation management, wildlife management in the farmland.This effective technology can be operated in a automated Manner through  this app. This app consists of:

Manual of each crops which are to be cultivated in the farmland.

Marketing for the crops also done here.

The process of ON/OFF in the motors is done with respect to moisture content in the soil.

Detection of animal is  intimated to the farmer through this app.

The sensors in the farmland gives detection of the movement of the animal and it send the intimation to the farmer.It deviates the animal by giving alarm . Also we use artificial intelligence for the complete monitoring of the field accordingly it gives suggestions to the farmers.


In order to perform the environment monitoring process, the actual requirements of the current plants must be identified. These information are collected from the precision database of the plant agriculture.

The development configuration is applied with IoT circuit and list of sensor attached in either analog or in digital input model. The power supply is provided to activate the embedded circuit.

The components are connected with the system using USB interface. These datas are fetched through application. This app contains a manual for all types of plantations.


Using sensor temperature, Ph value, Dissolved oxygen, humidity current environment status is identified using the analog input modelling.

The identified inputs are forwarded to embedded device and the input is displayed in the system attached with raspberry.

The smartphone is connected with the raspberry device either on bluetooth interface or in wifi interface.

The information is collected by the sensor are forwarded to the smart phone using the wireless interface of the system.

The suggestion for the farmer will be provided according to the growth of the plant using artificial intelligence.


The periodical activities of the Raspberry system the water is irrigated using the DC motor attached in the system.

The rpm of the motor and the number of revolutions are controlled by the embedded system.

The continues events are regulated from the embedded controlled as the part of timer activity. Whenever the timer is expired the motor is execute to provide the water with the specific water level.This app helps to  on/off the motor with respect to moisture content in the soil.


From the provision of the water irrigation, the output of the system is identified and stored in the database as output with respect to the input. The temperature level increment and decrement with the changes in the humidity are applied to the neural network.

 To identify the accurate requirement of the water supply which is used to classify the input level. The system is validated from the learning process.


Ultrasound sensor is used to detect animals in the farmland. It provides 2cm-400cm non contact measurement function. This include ultrasonic transmitters and receiver and control circuits.

Whenever any animal is detected the sound way reflects to form an echo and electric pulse are generated.The working voltage for this sensor is 5V.   


In rural parts of India, the agriculture plays vital role.This application is proposed for complete monitoring of the agriculture in the farmland that includes consumption of water and power,  soil management and animal detection using IoT and artificial intelligence.

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