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Essay: Boosting Memory with Colors: Benefits and Limitations of Color-Coded Notes

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Colours are the property that possessed by object of producing different sensation on the eye as the result of the way the object reflects or emits the light. There are too much of different colours and names. For instance, green colour has variety type of green such as mint green, moss green, emerald green and pickle green. It is because colours are affected by how it reflects to the light. Thus, it has different shades of colours which is from light to dark colour. Apart from that, memory defines as the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information. Memory is used to recall anything that already past such as summarizing the topic of the study and past experiences.

Nowadays, people are practicing to use colours in their notes as the way to study. Most of the schools also encourage their students to use this method for effective way of study. It is usually done by transferring the points to mind map with different colours of each point. Also, some people use colours to find someone. For example, when they lost their mother, they probably find the mother by searching the colour of clothes that the mother was wearing. Thus, colour is important for people in daily life.

This research helps people to understand better about the useful of the colours. It is also help students to understand the reason of using colours in making notes. More than that, this research helps people especially students, children and employees to memorize topic in learning, recognize people and think in creative ways. As most people feel difficult to memorize things, this research can help people to improve the way of memorization with creative and easiest way.

However, it has limitation of this research. This is due to time limit that need to be done in a short period. Thus, this research could not be accurate as the research depends on others’ research and experiment. It is also having limitation as a student to study about the research topic within a short time and limited ways to get an accurate result of the research.

The hypothesis of this research is colour can boost memory. Although the use of colours can boost memory, it is also can decrease human memory level. Therefore, the three research questions are:

1) Which colour can boost memory the most?

2) How colour boosts human memory?

3) Why colour is used in learning for students?

Literature Review

In the modern era, colour is used widely in industry. It is commonly used in marketing. According to (Morton, 2016) ‘Colour is a visual component that people remember the most about the brand followed by shapes or symbol of the company.’ This shows that colour is one of the most effective way of persuasion in marketing and advertising.

Properties of colours

There are three categories of colours which are primary, secondary and tertiary. ‘Primary colour is the one that could not be created by mixing with other colours. These colours are red, blue and yellow.’ (Anon, 2016) Secondary colour is the colour that can be created by mixing with two primary colours while tertiary colour can be created by primary and secondary colours. (Anon, 2016) Red is a strong colour and being longest wavelength colour. It is also known as aggressive, powerful and excitement effects on people. Yellow refers to joyful, active and friendly. This colour is the strongest colour that can stimulate the happy mood in people. Moreover, green is known as an emotionally calming colour, which gives refreshment to people as green refers to environment and nature. Most people will look for green scenery to get fresh air and release their stress. However, it can be too plain and weary if it is used incorrect way. Blue is colour that refers to intellectual. It gives logical thought, reasons and encourage intellect activities. It is also referring to nature, blue sky which is calming and encourage clear thought to people. According to (Mariam Adawiah Dzulkifli and Muhammad Faiz Mustafar, 2013), it says that colours such as yellow, red and orange have been found to be a greater effect on attention compared to the cool type of colours such as brown and grey.

How colour boosts human memory?

According to (Price et al. 1982, p. 76), the perception of colour depends on the wavelength of light. Brynie (2009) concluded that Gegenfurtner has shown that colour significantly improves the speed at which images can be recognized and it improves the memory of the images. This is due to small red spots that received by the eyes which is the most easily detected. Also, colour plays a role of engaging the attention level on people and helps in memorizing things or information. ‘It is stated that there would be more chances of stimuli to transferred to the permanent memory storage if the attention level is higher on the stimuli.’ (Mariam Adawiah Dzulkifli and Muhammad Faiz Mustafar, 2013)

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