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Essay: Direct Marketing Strategies for Louis Vuitton: From Email to Telemarketing

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Less use of agents in the market is one of the strategies used by the company to market its products in order to reduce the wrong contact with clients. Dissemination of marketing messages to the audience via email is one of the best and widely used direct marketing methods that should be employed of adopted by Louis Vuitton Company. Being relatively inexpensive to test, design, and send an email to clients or customers is one of the merits of using it as a direct marketing strategy. On the other hand, it also allows Louis Vuitton marketer’s delivery messages to their audience promptly and to accurately evaluate the response or the feedback from the clients. ”


With the growth and development of digital technology, it is noted that the use of direct marketing is rapidly increasing via online channels. Most of the advertisement is focused on the audience that has access to the internet. Besides, more than 3 billion people in the world have access to online tools such as mobile phones, the internet among other reliable online tools. Given the same, the use of ads should be encouraged by Louis Vuitton management. This will increase the customer base as well as the brand image of the company.”


Louis Vuitton should make use of telemarketing as one of the best options for direct marketing techniques. This technique entails direct contact amid the marketers and the customers via phone. The main competitive advantage that it creates is increased lead generation that helps Louis Vuitton to increase its customer base and volume. However, for this technique to be successful, the company should concentrate on getting leads that are more qualified.”


The company has been using ethical marketing as a measure to curb the image of the company from taking a worse turn. The ethical marketing is a philosophy that entails all marketing effort, and it is less of a marketing plan. Its aim is to pursue fairness, responsibility, honesty in the entire advertising sector. Ethical has well described as most difficult subject some people has the judgmental personality they usually judge what is wrong and what is right. Ethical helps to set overall strategies to assist companies in assessing new market plans. Ethical marketing is not that fast and hard list of guidelines (Gr”nroos, 2015). It has advantages and disadvantages, unethical is frequently active just as dishonest advertising, And its behavior is not essentially against the law. Most of the companies use unethical advertisement to get the economic advantage (Hollensen, 2015). For instance, many people prefer to buy diet pills however, they hardly use it, some diet pill companies manipulate and exaggerate claims about their product, mainly to trick consumers to buy them. If the same company use ethical advertising style, they will close down the business (Gordon, et al, 2015).”

Louis Vuitton is working hard to improve and develop a long-term relationship with their customers by branding company’s image. Such type of unethical behavior can quickly make business collapse. Many customers do not like the corporations that manipulate them, and it is preferable that companies should practice the use of ethical marketing to develop trust from their clients. For the enterprise to have a good reputation, it should advertise a product that lives up to its claim. This attracts, even more, customers and also making them feel that the company is hugely investing in the quality product that values they need (Gordon, et al,. ”2015). ”


As a conclusion, a successful brand always keeps its features and classical process of making its products. To maintain its social status, Louis Vuitton uses the expensive material and make all the products waterproof and fireproof to keep the high price. In their marketing strategy LV ‘s approach is following the stable path, and they never afraid of competition with other similar brands. Even they opened five boutiques in the same town, the same city in Nevada! There are really no borders and no limitations of attractiveness for LV. The reason for this will be that, LV’s bags will never be out of fashion, they are timeless. Such as the model ‘speedy’ is a travel size bag which launched in 1930 for customized use, but later on, LV launched it from different size and versions. Till now the model speedy is still one of the most popular and classic models and earns a huge part of sales. If Louis Vuitton adopts the above measure strategies, it can meet its market demands and goals. However, more experts have to be hired to create a more image competitive advantage.

the suggestions for future measures could reduce the number of ads, but attract more celebrities to use the LV product because customers always get desired from celebrities, those celebrities will be representing the brand in an implied way. And also make more charity campaign to build its publicity and social effectiveness, so that people can see the LV is not only a brand but also a vivid character and meaningful spirit of culture. We do believe that LV portrait its current image by its desire image. As a top luxury brand, LV shows its loyalty on every moment but also low profile. As we know that, the most important factor for a luxury product is its place of origin, and the materials. The origins and materials represent the brand’s classic and tradition aspect and that’s all for customers ‘need. ”People always compare luxury products to the artwork.LV puts its attention on the design for a good looking and also takes the spirit from artwork to improve its detail perfectly and in order to portrait the brand a better image. In another aspect, LV wants to build a unique style for brand image to support its high price. To reach that goal, they always make the products in limited edition. So they can increase the sales for other products as well as be desire of peoples’ mind.

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