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Essay: The Story of Louis Vuitton: From Box-maker to Fashion Icon

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Louis Vuitton is a French designer and entrepreneur whose name has become well-known all over the world. He was born in Anchay at France on August 4, 1821. Son of Xavier Vuitton (a farmer) and Coronne Galliard (a milliner). At the age of 10 years old, his mother died and soon after his father got remarried. Like other stepmothers, he was not treated properly and got sick of having a country life, sooner at the age of 13; he decided to run away from home to go to the capital city, Paris. He walked for almost 2 years taking odd jobs to feed and shelter him to the weather until he reached the Paris on 1837. Monsieur Marechal, the one who took Vuitton as a disciple in the workshop to do Box-making and packing. It was highly admirable and worldwide craft, used for storing the goods and privately loading and unloading the boxes themselves. Louis Vuitton took few years in looking for a rank in Paris’s Fashion class, he soon became one of the city’s outstanding designer.”

1852, Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned and changed his name into Napoleon III and married his wife, Eugenie de Montijo. She hired Louis as her exclusive box-maker and packer and recommended him to a royal client and elite people who would ask for his works. In 1854, the year full of evolution and adaptation for Vuitton in Business, later on, met Clemence-Emilie Parriaux and married her on April 22 in the same year then founded his first leather goods shops in Paris. While in 1870’s, a terrifying civil war destroyed Vuitton’s shop. Months after, he decided to restore his career by building a new shop at a new place in 1 Rue Scribe, a place where the class of luxurious brands is. Launched a newly designed luggage in a simple yet luxurious, this was soon become the new elect and remarkable start of the brand of Louis Vuitton.

Needed to make sure that the brand imaging used in the contemporary business industry is able to attract more customers. ”Marketing is always described as tactical management method that the Louis Vuitton to conduct marketing research to categorize the potential customer in various location (Cooper, Merrilees &Miller, 2015) uses an organization use in selling, advertising, and distributing of their goods and services, this approach. It is constantly comprehended that marketing advances the accomplishment of the business objectives; this is altogether taking into account the marketing research and strategy approach utilized by the organization as a part of appropriating, offering, and elevating their item to the buyers. The centrality of marketing is dictated by critical and vitality of the segments used by the Louis Vuitton (Babin, Zikmund, 2015). This paper will be a review of the sources used in the above research topic. ”


Louis Vuitton’s target markets are people who love first-rate handiwork, heritage design, trend, and personalized. Focused on 2 segments: Middle Aged women ages of 35 to 54 and young fashionista female adults’ ages of 18 to 34. While upper profit-making and community-based class that is knowledgeable in fashion is the average consumer. Somehow, they need to feel respected and know the significance of self-esteem and power.”


Strengths: ”Social media one of the press methods practiced in selling goods and services for the Louis Vuitton, social media is a developing trend in marketing that has generated and improved marketing framework that supports competitive benefit to the companies that exploit the advantages of social media in marketing (Zhou, 2016).

Weaknesses: In the midst of the components of promoting and research, the altered points and purposes characterize the accomplishment of the association in investigating online networking as the imperative approach that ought to be utilized as a part of advertising (Pike, 2016).”

Opportunities: Ethics assumes a huge part in building up marketing research. This is a segment of promoting examination that predominantly incorporates the measures utilized when managing the clients' needs by giving immediate and applicable data to the clients on a specific produce (Mostafa, Hefny, 2016).

Threats: Organization is supposed to identify the audience when steering market research. Most of the people are now days accessing different social media platform hence boosting the use of social media in marketing (Babin, Zikmund, 2015). This allows the Louis Vuitton to advertise its product; the directed audience can access the product that the Louis Vuitton offers through Louis Vuitton profile. ” ”


While conducting market research market mix should be considered as the vital element. It is always essential for the market research since it comprises all the features that relate to the marketing. In particular, Television programs have involved the relevance to consider the market mix. This contains the features such as the promotions that deals with public relation and product packing, social media had to maximize and amplified all marketing methods that are essential to the marketing research (Stanton, Salnikova, 2016). Now Louis Vuitton seems like the top luxury fashion brand in people’s mind.In fact, LV brand is meaning to stress out the art of travel, LV has been positioned in a way low profile but still luxury travel lifestyle as we can see from the advertisement.The faith of the brand which is ‘Art de Vivre’ which means the art of life, in order to create the culture of the brand.LV portrays itself by present the unique lifestyle.In nowadays competitive fashion market, LV still maintain the premium quality of each single product.Instead of being mechanical to increase the productivity, they still focus on handmade and continually hire experts and specializes in keeping the standard. It results with original and unique merchandise.In order to supply its own product, LV always focuses on design new product base on their tradition model.These ended up with loyal customers make repeating purchase when the addict with a certain model.”

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