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Essay: Nestle Bangladesh: A Concise Review of the World's Largest Nutrition Company's Presence in the Developing Country

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…Nestle is world largest health, nutrition, highly wellness company. Nestle was founded by the Henri Nestle (10 August 1814 ‘ 7 July 1890), a German confectioner in Vevey, Switzerland in 1866.  Globally it is twice in size of its nearest fast moving consumer goods competitors, relatively business expansion is still in the developing stage in Bangladesh.

Nestle is the leading multinational company. It is the most trusted name with high quality products. It offers healthier and tastier choices throughout all stages of a consumer life and at any time of the day.

Nestle Bangladesh Limited started its commercial operation in Bangladesh in 1994. The factory produces the instant noodles, repacks milks, soups, beverages, cereals and infant nutrition products. Today Nestle Bangladesh Ltd. is a strongly positioned company. The Company is continuously growing through the policy of constant innovation. It is also growing on its core competencies and high quality food to the people of Bangladesh.

Since the beginning of Nestle operation in Bangladesh, the chairman of the company has been Mr. Latifur Rahman. He is one of the top industrialists of the country. His firm Transcom used to import the products of Nestle. His business Transcom is still involved in wide range of business like pharmaceutical, beverage, electronics, tea export, newspaper etc. Still he remains as an honorary chairman of the company.

The goal of the review is to express a concise synopsis about business structure of Nestle Bangladesh Limited. The purpose of the research approach is to discuss the present and future situation of various foods and beverages of Nestle Bangladesh Limited. At the start we have discussed the history, market structure and strategy and business principle of Nestle. We stress about the current mission, vision, objectives and strategies of Nestle in Bangladesh. Nestle Bangladesh Limited has some Corporate Social Responsibility activities in, which it call Creating Shared Value. We have tried to explain briefly the Creating Shared Value of the Company.

We have briefly discussed about finance and control, general management, supply chain management and marketing, human resource management, and their performance in Bangladesh. We have likewise highlighted the productivity and adequacy of working capital administration framework and sustenance advertise for Nestle in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a populated and developing country in the Southern Asia. It highlights present and future of Nestle in Bangladesh. The public health consciousness of the country has increased in the 21st century. On the other hand economic development of Bangladesh makes the popularity of Nestle products to the people of Bangladesh.

Nestle Bangladesh Limited produces the instant noodles, chocolate, soups, coffee, beverages and nutrition products. They have a lot of product. And it is very easy to grab the market. Because there is many chances to gain in one product. If one product fall down then other new product will launch for consumer favorable. There are many products. They are shown below:

Beverage: Shad-Nescafe, Nescafe 3 in 1, Coffee Mate, Gold e-Magic Nestea.

Culinary: Maggi Noodles, Maggi Healthy Soup, Magic Cube.

Dairy: Nido Fortified, Nido Growing up Milk.

Breakfast Cereal: Koko Crunch and Huny Gold.

Nutrition: Lectozen, Lactogen Recover, Cerelac (Different flavors).

Confectionary: Nestl” Munch Rolls.

It entered with a large market in Bangladesh. They are widely range in Bangladesh market. They have many products to grab the market. They have many distributor which providing products for the out of home consumption. They divided into six regions and they are Dhaka North, Dhaka South, Chittagong, Bogra, Khulna and Sylhet.

They have different types of strategy to grow the company. They are selected in different and they are:

‘ Nutrition: These are the primary objectives that the Company is intending to accomplish through science-based healthful skill and the majority of its exercises.

‘ Emerging markets and products: Nestle operations in emerging markets are both well developed and rich with opportunity.

‘ Out of home consumption: Nestle Professional is the biggest marked maker in the out of home fragment, and this portion has two divisions: Branded drinks and customized nourishment Solutions.

‘ Premiumisation: Increasing incomes and leisure time are positive trends for this sector. ‘ Innovation and renovation to guarantee items are new or stay applicable to the customers.

‘ Operational effectiveness to guarantee the most noteworthy quality, the least cost and the best customer benefit.

‘ Whenever, wherever, however to have the products always in an arm reached of the consumers.

‘ Consumer communication to excite and to learn from the consumers.

The marketing department of Nestle Bangladesh Limited looks after the existing brands, market share and product development of the products. It is divided into various sub-divisions like, Corporate Affairs and Communication, Regulatory Affairs, Nestle Professional and so on.

Sales and Nestle Professionals are responsible for earning revenue for the organization, however sales goes for the retail distributors and Nestle Professionals cares for the institutional sales.

Every function of Nestle Bangladesh Limited contributes from their end to meet the corporate goal. The company marketing structure shown below:

‘ It is more people, product and brand oriented than system oriented.

‘ It remains conscious of satisfying the wants needs and demands of its consumers.

‘ It does not lose to improve in terms of quality, price and distribution.  

‘ It seeks to earn consumer confidence, loyalty and preference and anticipate their demands through innovation and renovations.

1. They should expand their business.

2. They should minimize their product price.

3. They should conscious on its product life cycle.

4. They should attentive on its advertising activities.

We have found that at present Nestle Bangladesh Limited is using and developing their market strategy properly with gradual success. The ambition of Nestle is to enhance the quality of consumer lives through nutrition, health and wellness. It produces foods with different cultures, different geographies. And also produces for different needs, tastes, flavors and habits that all consumers eat and drink. Nestle have good possibilities to create a permanent market in Bangladesh.

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