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Essay: From Childhood Curiosity to Software Engineering: My Journey So Far

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'Only a single thought is enough to set you on the right path'. This piece of advice was given to me by my mother which has always inspired me and given me the strength to do things I actually dream about. It all started when I was a kid and I was very fascinated by the thought that how these video games are developed. How can someone even think about such a plot and create it in a beautiful and user-friendly way? With this thought and curiosity, I aspired to become a software engineer. Curiosity about the things around me has been the most important factor that has helped me get into this field.

As per my secondary school achievements I took part in many cultural activities and got appreciation from my computer teacher for excellent performance in my boards. I scored 90% in my computer examination which was based on Java technology. The main reason I opted for Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics as my major subjects in high school was my keen interest in the field of engineering. Apart from being good in the major subjects, I got the scholar's trophy for scoring 95% in English. The next step was stepping into the main stream that was Computer science engineering. As mentioned in the earlier passage because of my curiosity and the keen interest in the field of computers I chose this stream and now I am a graduate with the total aggregate of 79.54%.

During the course of my graduation, I made many projects. Java is one of my strong languages, most of my projects are made using core knowledge of java. My first opportunity to learn about java and develop a standalone application came when I was undertaking training in NIIT Centre, Jalandhar. The application was a combination of the features of notepad and multimedia so that people can get rid of opening two windows at the same time. For this, I got an Oracle certificate. The project was highly acclaimed by my teachers. The next opportunity was given by Itronix solutions, Jalandhar, where I completed my 6 months training learning both java and android technologies. With the help of these languages, I developed a cashless transaction system named 'Digital Identification'. The main aim of this project was to encourage college students to shift to cashless transactions while paying for canteen and hostel bills. The idea of this project came due to demonetization which recently took place in my country, India. Except these, I made a scientific calculator mobile application in which the user has to decide as till which decimal point he needs the answer.

Apart from the projects and the software development languages, there were many courses which I studied in my graduation. I have learned computer related subjects like Computer networks, software engineering, database, data structures, object oriented programming and simulation and modeling. Apart from these, I have learned the aptitude skills needed like geometry, algebra, problems related to trains and other mathematical concepts. My logical and analytical thinking ability was also enhanced. Because of the subject knowledge, I was among a few students who got selected by Wipro Technologies after many interview rounds.

Besides this, I used to take part in many cultural and sports activities. I won the gold medal in Volleyball in my school. I participated in many events held during the sports meet for 4 consecutive years. In the first year, I got a chance to present a paper on Global Warming. My poems were exhibited in the art gallery of our college, Arteso. I secured third place in the talent hunt quiz competition. In order to show my responsible side, I organized the technical fest of daviet, aDavitya 2016. Furthermore, I organized many workshops in my college and seminars. I am a team player, this is the reason I was the member of the placement team of the college. I also attended some technical as well as cultural events of other colleges to get exposure. My writings were always appreciated by the readers.

In order to have a firm foot in the field of computers, I aspire to pursue my post graduation studies in your university. After going through the website of the university I decided to apply here because of the world-class exposure and the multi cultural environment that the university provides. The program Master of Engineering (M.eng) provides specializations into the area of software engineering and CNN and multimedia. Gaining knowledge and advice under the able wings of the experts will help me fulfill my dream. I will get to learn various subject domains and develop a strong sense of independence, responsibility, and self-reliance and get to know about the  Canadian culture. Carleton University is ranked among the best universities in the world, it will help me get into a worldwide competition and get knowledge of the global standards.

In my opinion, by studying at Carleton University, I can have the best competitive environment, which will boost my performance and will help me to fly high in the sky. Therefore, I request you to consider my application for admission to your esteemed university. I sincerely hope that my perseverance towards excellence in my field, along with my outstanding academic records, will help qualify me for admission to your University. I look forward to creating my identity in the international family of students at Carleton University.


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