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The scientific method is like a never ending road constantly growing and having numerous possibilities for growth and improvement for any idea. In many aspects, it is the foundation for science and everything that has been proven today. Throughout history, the scientific method has been used to build theories, laws, and essentially create a platform for the scientific community to contribute ideas to one another. For instance, with the mystery of The Miami Circle, the scientific method was used numerous times in order to find the truth behind the mysterious anthropological discovery. With the scientific method, anthropologists were able to trace back the history of the Miami Circle and uncover its truth.

The scientific method is a standardized procedure that is used in creating theories, laws, and ideas, in order to build a consistent, reliable and non-arbitrary depiction of the world. In the scientific method, scientists must first look at the object of interest. Then collect research on the topic to fully understand what they are going to be observing. Next, the scientist must construct a hypothesis, “a proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation” (Bradford 2015). Then, through repeated experimentation, the hypothesis can be finalized as a theory or proven to be false. In science, the scientific method is repeated numerously until a theory is created After considerable testing of the theory by possibly many different scientists, it may become what is known as a law. Theories are not just simply theories and the book does not just simply close. Theories can always be proven wrong or even extended at anytime. One of the best aspects of science has always been its openness to improvement. Theories in science are always being refigured in hopes of improvement ,or even completely changed New research frequently renders old ideas outdated ideas or incomplete ones. There aren’t really heroes in science, but more so a superhero team. Scientists are constantly building off of other people’s work expanding ideas and theories. Theories are always open ended. This is why the use of the scientific method is so important.

With the mystery of The Miami Circle, the use of the scientific method allowed anthropologists to find the purpose of the mysterious holes in the ground. The Miami circle was first discovered July of 1998. Midden was found at the site which yielded the initial building that was set to be constructed on the land. In the beginning the anthropologists hypothesized that the circle was formed by the Almac or the Maya. Through carbon dating, they realized that they were wrong about their initial hunch. There was duricrust found along the holes, which indicated that the holes were there for possible over hundreds maybe even thousands of years. Through carbon dating they found that ,”the carbon-dating tests done on two small bits of charcoal, probably created by Tekesta fires in one of the basins that form the circle, was 1,800 to 2,100 years old” (The Significance of

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