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  • Nostalgia in the world
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Whenever I hear the word “Nostalgia”, I think of longevity. As we grow and develop, whenever we go out see movies, buy toys and video games from businesses like Marvel, DC, Disney etc.. We’re left with generally the same thought “Wow this is awesome.” Movies took us on an experience that gripped our hearts and blowed our minds into a world out of our ordinary. Toys are children’s words and play is their language. As we get older we look back how something so simple attracted us and fulfilled us were our family spend “x” amount of dollars. Nostalgia gives us nothing but a fondness of how it use to be for us and being aware of how it influenced us. Nostalgia reinvigorate our ideas, but can also ease the jaded mindset whenever life gets rough. When looking back at stories we grew up learning about, it can show us how sanitized reality really is. Whether to comfort us or shedding new light on our worldviews that we didn’t see first time around. The attraction behind pop culture brands is the generational approach of marketing of the lifelong consumer attachment is something that has been a staple of life at this point. Where the whole point of it is blurring the lines between the brand and the consumer. Where the brand is a part of who you are and shaping your spending habits. Where it creates a bond between you and the brand because you’re invested in personally. Regardless of the name brand, whether they were established over two to three decades ago but if successfully be consistent with changing demographics to different levels of success to stay valuable today is the key most brands need to stay afloat. Through one example is social media, where it’s designed to create an experience that is individually unique to each of us. Every website and every app use algorithms, to keep us glued to our phones and engage with a brand. Where we’re lead to believe it’s meant to serve us, where our voice and opinion matters in the online world that we make for ourselves. One of the biggest worries brands will always have to worry is longevity, because a consumer’s buying habits change as they age where money is used for other necessities because the job of an adult sucks, you live to work. So a brand needs to engage new customers and have to cater who they are in what era they’re in now and not rely what worked from the past to what would work for the future and beyond. With that said, it’s also daunting for previous lifelong consumers who spent a good majority of their life investing into these brands that shaped who they are and have to figure out how to be open to certain changes without going with the cliche of “Back in my day” that no one wants hear. Overall, cultural nostalgia isn’t something new, but thanks to the power of the internet it gives our relationship to it something new. The internet now has provided unhindered access were the scarcity of the past in a pre digital age replacing it with a sheer abundance of things. With the rise of innovation and globalization that was set upon in 2000 with widespread public internet use that was characterized by an intoxication what came before. Almost in a sense like a paradox, of going into the future and pulling us back into the past. Be mindful of the past but not at the expense of the future.

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