Are video games to blame for childhood obesity and mental health issues?

For decades now exposing children to video games has been a very controversial topic, however, I feel cutting off video games from children entirely isn’t the answer to the issue. The younger generation shouldn’t be shut off from that range of technology just because there is a selection of violent and not safe for work … Read more

Do violent video games affect an individual’s level of desensitisation?

According to the Office for National Statistics (2018), violent crime has been slowly rising over the past 15 years. In response to this, many researchers have raised concerns over the content within video games, violent first-person video games in particular due to the explicit violence displayed to those playing (Staude Muller, et al., 2008) as … Read more

Application of gamification

A relatively strict distinction of gamification has been introduced, as the use of certain game mechanisms to increase the involvement of the contractor’s activities in the implementation of specific tasks, serving the operational objectives of a given management area. It allowed to clearly separate gamification from the use of games, in which not only a … Read more

Is the virtual realm ethically right or wrong?

With an estimated 2.2 billion gamers worldwide, gamers stretch to almost a third of people living on this planet. Gaming is a popular media of entertainment and has grown rapidly in recent years. According to a market analyst firm named Newszoo, the games industry earned $108.9 billion and is expected to increase to $128.5 billion … Read more

Women’s representation in video games

1.0 Introduction For my case study I will be looking at women’s representation in video games and the over sexualised way they are represented. From the birth of the industry, females have always been underrepresented. Not only in the real world but females often played the role of background characters offering no real difference to … Read more

Impact of technology in the home environment (literature review)

The aim of this literature review is to discuss the impact of technology in the home environment, referring to existing research on the effects of modern-day technology on children’s development in the early years. This study reflects research that is compiled to promote a better understanding of the relationship children aged 3-4 have with technology … Read more