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Essay: Should animal testing be banned?

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Everyone has heard of “Animal Cruelty“. This topic should stay as it plays vital part in our society.

Consider these facts:

Did you know that around 16 million animals are poisoned, burned and abused to death in U.S labs to ensure the safety of products humans use?

And this is just in America, what about other countries?

The top 10 animal testing countries in the world are: China, Japan, the United States, Canada, Australia, South Korea, the UK, Brazil, Germany and France.

If you didn’t know the structure of which vaccines and medicines are tested here it is:

Once researchers believe they may have a viable vaccine, strict regulations require that it is not tested on humans until preclinical trials are conducted to ensure the vaccine is safe and effective. These are first developed using cells and tissues in a lab, and the best candidates from these are then studied in more detail using animals.

Preclinical trials are used to understand the toxicity of the vaccine, in other words how well it does its job without harming any other tissues. Testing in animals also helps researchers understand the type of immune response that will be generated in the vaccine, and whether it might be enough to protect the individual from developing the disease.

A relevant species is used to test these trial vaccines depending on the disease in question, but most commonly the preclinical testing will involve mice, rats or monkeys. Following this, the vaccine moves on to its first human trials – known as Phase I of a clinical trial – where a small number of healthy, human volunteers are vaccinated to see if the vaccine acts the same way in humans.

Why do we test on animals? Humans test on animals to discover how things may be effective:

  • for example, the COVID-19 vaccine was tested on animals before human trials,
  • it was critical to ensure that the vaccine didn’t end up making the infection worse or even fatal.

But many things are tested on animals including Cosmetic products, household cleaners and Medicines.

Some might say that animal testing must go yet if Animal testing is banned how will we test the efficiency of Vaccines, medicines and other products?

If you were a Human being tested on to keep others safe would you like to be poked and prodded all the time to get good outcomes? Thought so:

So this is why animal testing should stay as a vital recourse for labs only therefore each side gets a win.


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