Act utilitarianism

There are two different types of utilitarianism: Rule-utilitarianism and Act utilitarianism, however I’ll only be discussing the latter. Is Utilitarianism is a moral theory that believes the right action is the one that produces the best outcome for the greatest numbers. For example: The best outcome would be the one that produces the greatest amount … Read more


Utilitarianism is the theory that we should always try to maximize happiness. When it comes to Bernard Williams, he is considered one of the greatest critics of Utilitarianism. The first test case for the utilitarianism theory he covered was for George the Chemist. Geroge just got his Ph.D. in chemistry. He is finding it to … Read more

The utilitarian decision model

A health worker in West Africa had requested for aid to treat thousands of infected humans. Under certain circumstances, a trial of new treatment have not been permitted on human beings and is needed approximately a decade for the vaccine to be approved for human use. According to Waddell (2013) normal stakeholders are determined to … Read more