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Title of the proposed dissertation: Investigating the concepts of marketing strategies within mobile technology market.
Research Question: The impact of marketing strategies in selecting mobile technology brand in the UK.
Research Objectives
 To review the mobile technology marketing techniques and strategies in the UK.
 To establish and assess the cultural dissonance associated with these strategies and product development.
 To evaluate the impact on consumer attitude towards these strategies.
 To draw out the competitive strategies among mobile technology brands.
The purpose of this dissertation is to explore the key concept of marketing strategies within the mobile technology market in the UK. According to Ferrell (2012) “marketing strategies as the process of identifying your target markets and the ability to satisfy their wants and needs”, Therefore, these process allows an organization to concentrate its limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase the level of sales and accomplish a sustainable competitive advantage. (Peter Doyle & Philip M. Stren, 2006) assesses brands can use the reminder of psychological repositioning strategies to create the choice of target market segments, which allows them to determine where the business competes ,the choice of differential advantage and how it will compete. These strategies include all the short term and long-term activities that deal with the analysis of the strategic initial situation of the brands and the making, evaluation and selection of market-oriented strategies and therefore contribute to the aims and marketing objectives.
Mobile technology brands like Apple and Microsoft adopts an oriented marketing strategy that allows them to understand the needs and buying behaviour of consumers and also the issues that influence their purchasing choices. (Philip Kotler, 2013) confirmed that, these strategies must be designed as customer- driven, therefore taking into consideration who their customers are, what will they be serving their customers and how they will be serving them. For example, Apple have devoted stores where its consumers and potential consumers can go and are encourage to explore the technology that they offer and also get excited about its product ; this therefore create a sub-conscious expectation for potential consumers for the need of an apple product and also a customer loyalty relationship with its existing customers compared to its competitors like Samsung or Intel .The demand for mobile technology for example Laptops, Mobile Phones and tablets have increased within the last five years compared to the use of traditional technology. (lent, 2015) assesses that, one development, more than any other, has accelerated this revolution: mobile technology. Its proliferation and widespread adoption have dramatically shifted our economies as innovations in connectivity alter the way each and every industry thinks about their business
This study relies on the strategies adopted by brands to influence the behaviour and selection process by consumers. (Philip Kotler, 2013) confirmed that, a buyer’s decisions are influenced by personal characteristics such as age, self-concept, occupation, finances, lifestyle and personality. Individual consumers associate different brands with different sentiments therefore it’s up to these brands to communicate and understand these behaviours. Brands advertise their products in various ways in which its consumers can relate to and can influence to a lifestyle. For example, Apple launched a new ad for its new Apple watch, where a single mother on a date can check on her baby at home with the help of the watch (EveryAppleAd, 2015). This concept of marketing creates a connection and the effect of understanding the lifestyle of a niche of its consumers and its potential consumers. Consumers buy into apple brand to project a character or persona onto a society or demographic that reinforce the ideal image of themselves and how others perceive them. For example, as a student and a teenager; the need for an apple product or top quality innovation product is quite important to me due to the symbolism that comes with it and notwithstanding the need to buy into the generations of these mobile technologies.
(Shayon, 2015) assesses that, as consumers have an overabundance of devices and digital content, start-ups and new entrants must deliver value-add to win them away. “Consumers prefer established brands, and broadcasters need to capitalize on this while the iron is hot by aggressively investing in multi-device platforms and securing partnerships that leverage their footprint into the mobile space therefore the change in taste and the migration off certain platforms can influence the selection process for consumers. Brands like Samsung, Nokia, Apple and Acer uses innovation as their competitive advantage; the ability to influence selection process through innovations, development and product upgrade. This allows consumers to decide and have a choice on what brand or version of a product to opt for and this can be a focus strategy for a particular brand in terms of competition
As part of this section, a Gantt chart will be employed to represent the estimated time for each task and will be associated with a colour. The blue colour represents normal activities and red represents review of findings and research. This chart illustrates the variation of tasks or activities that makes up this dissertation, each being plotted against a timeline; this will create a viability of this research proposal.
10th October 2015 – 30th April 2016
Week number 1/2 3/4 4/5 6 7/8 9
10 10 11 12
13 13
14 15
16 23
Research Question
Reading Literature
Research objective
Research methodology
Draft proposal
Data Analysis
Primary findings
Develop questionnaire
Analyse data
Presentation of findings
Conclusion & Recommendations
The approach of data gathering will be to use both quantitative and qualitative; this combined methodology will allow this research to develop a theory and understanding for the research question and objectives. Saunders (2011) observed quantitative research is usually associated with a deductive approach, where the focus is on using data to develop theory; this method examines the relationships between variables which often uses probability sampling techniques to ensure generalisability whilst qualitative is associated with an interpretive philosophy which allows the researcher to make sense of the subjective and socially constructed meanings expressed about the research question.
Both methods are vital to this research as it will help generate a research design, which will allow the use of questionnaire and also allow participants to provide “open” questions in their words rather than ticking the appropriate box. Therefore, providing subjective response to research questions and also some varied numeric findings. (Creswell, 2002) stated that, data collection involves steps that creates boundaries for the study due to the collection of information through unstructured observations and interviews, documents, and visual materials, as well as establishing the protocol for recording information.
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