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Essay: AI and its positive effect on society

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  • AI and its positive effect on society
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The idea of new technologies such as AI, Deep and machine learning, sensing cities, artificial embryos, and more might sound scary to a lot of people. Many fears the rise of the machines like in “Terminator” and believe that this new wave of technology is the beginning of the end for the human-race, but that’s now what’s going to happen. These new technologies are going to change our society in a dramatic way, and will allow us to do things that we believed were only possible in science-fiction movies. Throughout this essay I’ll discussed the importance of AI and how it’s changing the world around us and the way we use and see computers.
AI or artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers. So, basically AI is a human computer which has the ability to do many things from self-driving cars, to helping doctors find the right treatment for patients. There are many different types of AI, but two main ways to classify them. Type 1 are either weak/narrow AI which only focuses on one simple task like playing a game of chess against a human, which is the opposite of a strong AI which can perform tasks like a human being. Type 2 are classified by their functionalities, like reactive machines, limited memory which are used in self-driving cars, and self-awareness which has its own conscious, intelligence, and is self-aware almost like a human-being. AI gains its intelligence through a process called machine-learning where the system is feed millions of images and it learns how to tell different things apart like what’s a cat and a dog and how they’re different from each other. If The system makes a mistake its feed million more examples, so that it learns from that mistake and remembers the next time the difference between the two. They’re also a few other ways computers can learn like natural language processing where computers learn how to tell the difference between a regular email and spam. Machine learning can be used with x-ray images to help compare bones so that doctors can easily diagnose symptoms in patients.
AI has had a great effect on our society so far, with a lot more to come. AI has freed up time for human because with the help of computers we have to do less work now. We have computer programs that can balance books, drive cars, and even do your shopping for you from home. Major companies like apple and amazon utilizes AI devices everyday. Apple’s Siri can help you schedule appointments, find information, and a lot more, while the amazon echo can order things for you and answer a lot of questions that you might have. These devices are widely available today and 10 years ago people would believe that they were things of imagination. It’s believe that in the future AI will be able to some many things like cook, run businesses, pay for things, and even help with the training of professional athletes. We don’t really know the things that are possible with AI in the future. Cities can become automated, and smart cities will become possible. Smart cities will make things more efficient, and more affordable for citizens. AI has a lot of positives that will make lives easier, and more efficient, but with not everything AI brings will be positive to our society.

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