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Essay: Will AI surpass human intelligence?

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  • Will AI surpass human intelligence?
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The controversy over whether artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence will perpetually be a topic of debate that splits evenly down the middle. This feud led all the way back to the 1950’s when Alan Turing, an english computer scientist, coined the “Turing Test” which was a primitive way of determining if a computer could be defined as “intelligent.” I, too concur that computers are very resourceful in terms of knowledge, however it will never surpass humans. I believe this simply because we are the creator and computers will never obtain emotional intelligence and therefore, lacking in plenty.

The Turing test is created for the sole purpose of an imitation game. The objective is for the judge to sit behind a computer screen and converse with mysterious interlocutors, most of which being humans and only one bot, the judge then has to decide whose who. If the examiner or judge cannot differentiate between a human’s response versus a computer’s response then the test deems itself worthy. Determinism comes into play however, because computers don’t have free will and everything they do is pre-set by humans. The computer can reply how a “normal human” would reply to a “normal question.” However, the test only challenges whether a computer behaves like a human and due to the fact that intelligent nature and human nature are not precisely the same thing; the test therefore fails to measure “intelligence.”

From where I stand, the test is an invalid judgment of intelligence because intelligence isn’t really required to past the test. Despite the fact that the system can pass for a human it still doesn’t display any conscious experience that a person obtains. In other words, the awareness of our own mental process, feelings and sensations. “When we say robots have emotion, we don’t mean they feel happy or sad or have mental states. This is shorthand for, they seem to exhibit behavior that we humans interpret as such and such” ( By that quote, my interpretation would be if we receive a brand new gift, we achieve a level of joy and sensation that a mere computer could never understand. Thus, we are without doubt the only beings that acquire this type of self-awareness and high level of consciousness.

Another prime example would be ethical issues if people were to rely solely on computers. “When a driverless car runs over someone’s pet, or worse, another human being should we then act as if it knew what it was doing? Should we be granting citizenship to robots that only pretend to know what it means to be a citizen” ( From this I take that, imitation systems will nonetheless be unethical because they portray an identity about themselves that does not reflect the whole truth of reality.

To conclude, I think a computer could very much knowledgeable in terms of sources. The basic computer holds a lot of information, but the information that we fed them. All that information came from a person, all thoughts were formulated by a person. Would I use the word intelligent? No, until the computer could display emotions and codify thoughts on it’s own, my answer will be no.

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