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Essay: New learning / technology in the classroom

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  • New learning / technology in the classroom
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The need to incorporate innovation inside the classroom has expanded essentially in the course of recent years, due in substantial part to the pervasive idea of the Internet and cell phones among the present youth.

The advanced age is contained associated with people that are hard-wired to their computerized surroundings. While the advanced blast has brought about worldwide access to data, and expansion in mechanically adroit and inventive youth, we keep on seeing a developing withdrawal between current students and the conventional learning and showing models of the past. The eventual fate of instruction unequivocally includes a powerful reception of innovation in the educational program, learning situations and learning targets.

Canadian education is termed as one of the best in the world because of its advancement since last decade using and including opportunities not relating or limited to distance education, use of Internet and technologies for education, transformation into a two-way education system and much more. With introduction of distance education and IT to education, it has not only helped students learn more but it has also helped them learn more than what they actually need and what is actually helpful to them in near future.

Major Point 1: Adapting to 21st Century Technology.

The advancement and easy availability of technology have left the previous ways of education and learning obsolete and orthodox. The rise of technology has rather made the previous education system primitive. According to Tony Wagner, it is now time to overthrow the obsolete teaching and preach the gospel of 21st-century learning. It is time for the teachers to train students in 21st-century skills and ideas and make them ready to thrive in the fast-changing world. The target of 21st century learning is to fabricate limit in zones that advance a flexible society able to adequately adjust to fast change. It speaks to a move in emphasis from the guidance of certainties to a model which centers around abilities, for example, basic reasoning, character, innovativeness, advancement, just as computerized and PC education.

Some visible changes and reforms in the Education System are termed as below:

• New learning technologies

Adapting to new changes, include bringing in new technology and being grateful to the inventors, we have immense new ways to share and gain knowledge and information.

The innovation and practicality of certain gadgets and gizmos introduced in the classrooms has completely changed the way students and teachers learn. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Flash Notes: Flash notes allows students to shares notes, it is also the online marketplace where students can buy and sell their notes so it is useful to other students.

2. Lesson Cast: This technology is invented specifically for the teachers. It provides help and support with the lesson plans and the course outlines by submitting a 2-minute strategy or an idea using video, ppt or documents, etc. and share it with other instructors.

3. Glogster EDU: This allows students to display their research creatively. It is a platform which allows students to collage pictures, text, video and custom graphics to create an eye-pleasing presentation. And they are easy to make and share too.

4. Knewton: This technology aims at customizing content for ideal learning. It monitors student’s activity and uses that particular information to give them the rightful resources based on their level of compatibility. This software grows more deeper, the more the student uses it. It can follow a student through their entire career.

5. Live Binders: Using the idea of pinning and bookmarking, these ring binders allows teachers and instructors to collect and organise resources for their study plans. It also helps students who are collecting huge amount of resources for a big project as they are easy to browse and share.

6. Kid Blog: This technology is designed specifically for students in lower grades. It provides an opportunity to start up their own blog which is related to their classroom. The students get benefits of the resources updated by the other students and can amass different aspects of knowledge.

7. Snagit, Jing, Camtasia: All these software capture video programs by making it easier for instructors to give online tutorials of their lessons. TechSmith offers variety of options ranging from a free screen capture to professional quality videos. These software can also be used for instructors to correct papers or to solve a math problem.

8. Leap Motion: It is a technology based on a more natural way to communicate with the computer. It basically is a software which allows anyone to write, draw, zoom and play with the touch of our fingers. The mouse automatically follows the movements of our hand and the action which we want to do is carried out.(15 examples of new technology, n.d.)

9. Study Blue: It is a smart-phone based software. It makes the mobile a source for study materials. It allows students to access and organise their coursework, assignment, notes etc. and even share it with other fellow mates. The social aspect of this development is it also helps students to find other people who are studying the same subjects, but with a different set of notes and study guides.

• Visual Learning

Visual learning is a technique in which a learner uses graphs, charts, maps and diagrams to collect knowledge and information. It is said that young learners remember better and can recall better when it is presented and learned through images.(Future Tense…, n.d.)
Introduction of Edu Boards and 3D projectors has led to an increase in the memorizing capacity and retaining the power of the students.
Visual learning has not only helped students to learn effectively but also visual learning has helped students to increase their grasping power, understand the concepts more clearly and also helped the students to learn more effectively.(Jandhyalaya, 2017)

• Online Schooling

Canadian education has improved a lot since the last decade and new innovations in education are improving the efficiency and adaptability of individuals towards education even better. One major thing introduced in the Canadian education system is online education which states that students/individuals can now access their courses from any corner of the world.

Online education has opened doors for the people with new opportunities because people who are working can now access their curriculum during their desired time and there is no barrier for them regarding any time blockade (The brave new world of 21st century learning, 2018).

Major Point 2: Transition into a two-way learning system

Another vital point is the utilization of innovation for joint effort among understudies and educators. The orthodox technique of learning where the teacher is always right has faded. The new system allows students to freely share knowledge with his/her associates and teachers (15 examples of technology I education, n.d.). This shift in educational technique is all set up to enlighten young minds and moreover give them an opportunity to express themselves. Cultural exchange makes its way it becomes easy for a student to understand other.

• Distance Learning

Inaccessible learning opens an entirely different universe of chances for the understudies and learning on home turf makes it less demanding for remote understudies to adjust to the Canadian arrangement of training. Social trade adds to the advantages of Distant learning.
Distance learning has helped not only open doors for students in the country but also it opened doors who are not able to learn or study within their educational limits, or unable to learn because of financial problems or because of their country being technologically unadvanced. But distance learning solves all this problem and help them learn and achieve these goals. This shift has given access to student worldwide

• Teacher-Student Relationship

There has been a major shift in relationship between a teacher and a student. Earlier educator used to be a store house of knowledge who enters into the class and pour all the knowledge into the students mind which was stressful for both student as well as educator. Now, in this era of reform, a two-way learning path develops where students prepare assignments, perform debate and do presentations. Multiple minds work together in the class and share knowledge. Perspective on a topic differs from mind to mind.

• War against plagiarism

“Most plagiarists, like the drone, have neither taste to select, industry to acquire, nor skill to improve, but impudently pilfer the honey ready prepared, from the hive.” (How 21st century learning is changing Canadian Education, 2019).

This new century requires students to wage a war against problems threatening humanity and to do so a lot of research is required, the education system needs to produce future leaders who can make a difference in the life of others and make this world a better place. To keep this spirit in check the Canadian education system uses advanced plagiarism checking instruments.

The aim of this constraint is not to bother students but to improve their knowledge and mental strength, making a unique project all by yourself is a wonderful experience, it allows students to take tours around the city and see for themselves what they could include in their projects. The older days were easy where you could simply copy and paste things from the web, but learn nothing or just mg up certain things about your project and explain the rest of your work; the new system, on the other hand, arises curiosity it opens a world of ideas and thoughts. Moreover, now it’s not just overcoming deadlines but putting in all your effort into a project and also learning in the process.


The education system in Canada is headed towards a path of development and growth, a common sentiment of respect and love is seen for all native as well as foreign students. The promotion of cultural exchange has opened gates for leaders to learn world problems and find ideal solutions to tackle those problems. This century has been an age of modernization and a lot is left to come the, audio-video learning technologies has made a huge difference in the productive progression of the students memory and recollecting ability. A lot is about to come; learning through life like interactive holograms will be the next big thing in Canadian education it will allow students to have a certain experience virtually.

The 21st century is renaissance all over again, it rekindles new ideas and faith in young minds. This is an era where we stand together as members of one single tribe for the greater good. The innovations and modernization of the Canadian education system uphold the ideas of the next generation and will surely play a crucial role in painting the bigger picture of mankind.


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