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During this term, my learning process involved methods that assisted in grasping the content that was being given in class. In this paper, a reflection on my learning processes this term, especially my metacognition processes, is outlined. An evaluation of my understanding and awareness of my thought processes is imperative in giving a clear insight into my experience in learning through this term. My movement experience through this term has comprised several steps that have yielded a plausible result. Firstly, there has been aware that I have developed centered on my course work the assignments that my tutors give me as part of continuous assessments that a student is expected to undertake. Secondly, a constant reminding of myself of the concepts that I have met in the course of the work has been very instrumental in tuning my memory such that it does not fail me when occasion requires, especially during tests. Thirdly, the cultivation of a trend of realizing that I may be incognizant of the answer to a particular question in one of the courses is undertaking because of difficulties in recalling the concept. Fourthly, by reviewing articles that I have been reading throughout the previous time so that I keep them in memory and be able to fetch the content when the occasion demands. Fifthly, through my realization of limitations, harboring me from getting solutions to problems owing to problems with my approach to problem-solving. In this term, my metacognitive strategies (Asikcan 23-30) have entailed the identification of these approaches to learning to ensure that I get the most from the inherent abilities that empower me in the classroom.

Awareness on my Coursework

To enhance my ability to memorize concepts, I learned this term; I have been making myself aware of the particular topics and sub-topics that I have been learning. That is because the content that one learns keeps changing every term. It is, therefore, imperative to maintain awareness because of the value that it has in ensuring that confusion during learning is eliminated. The result of providing that one is fully aware of the subjects that they have been learning is the precise placement of the content in one’s mind such that an idea or a concept does not get misplaced in the student’s mental faculties.

Continuous Reminding of Oneself

On many occasions, there is a tendency to forget what one has learned perhaps because of assuming that the role played by the tutor in giving the content is sufficient to keep one fitful with the things that have been taught. Acting presumptuously leads to a considerable decline in the ability to remember things learned. Additionally, tutors usually offer class notes for reading by students at their own time. According to Wilhelm (p. 8), continuous reading serves to make one’s memory better in the retention of the content that is given to the student by the teacher. Thus, I have adopted the tendency of reminding myself to revoke the presumption of remembering concepts taught this term.

A Means to Recalling Concepts

In this term, one of the metacognitive strategies that I have adopted has been coming up with tips that I apply in mastering concepts taught in class. These include the inclusion of abbreviations of some of the significant terms like those in topics such as feminism, toxic masculinity, and colonization. It helps in ensuring that one can recall all the ideas learned in class in a short time, making it worthwhile to utilize during continuous assessment tests. These tips can usually be generated by thinking together with fellow students (Philson 14), especially by conducting group discussions but are useful to an individual student.

Reviewing Articles Used Through this Term

The articles that I have been using this term have proven to be very resourceful in my learning process. They contain all the content the original content that I require for learning apart a few deviations into other resources that are usually recommended by tutors. By going through these learning materials time and again, I become more conversant with the things that I have been learning because I get more exposure to the content that I am learning. At times, I have done article review by watching some of the videos on whiteness, racialization, and the plight of black people to keep concepts in memory.

Adopting Approaches to Problem-Solving

Throughout the term, I have met some concepts that are a hard nut to crack, especially those on philosophy because they look as though they are mathematical. In learning, certain things are incongruent with others. Therefore, I have adopted a step-by-step approach to ensuring that I can deconstruct such problems systematically to find feasible solutions to them.


A reflection for this term on my learning processes involves several things. These are the adoption of approaches to problems that require deconstruction, reviewing of articles and materials given in the class to supplement learning, development of a means to recalling concepts, awareness of my coursework, and continuous reading.

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