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The portfolio accomplished for the Professional Development Program is a reflective portfolio on the improvement of expert abilities upgraded as the year progressed. The portfolio contains reports that demonstrate both scholarly and proficient advancement improvements through the reflections.
The SWOT Analysis is directed on myself, that surveys my qualities, shortcomings, opportunities and threats, further breaking them down through the TOWS Matrix, to such an extent that viable enhancements can be made. There is a reflective section on how the thesis procedure has helped upgrade proficient skills that can be taken to the working environment. Another reflection is on the group work or team activities that was done through the course of the year, with an investigation of different elements of working in multicultural gatherings.
A site link and a screenshot to the landing page of my LinkedIn profile is in the portfolio, which is profoundly detailed regarding my work and scholastic experience. Furthermore, an introductory letter and curriculum vitae (CV) is connected that mirrors the LinkedIn profile, the CV and cover letter are conventional reports that will be adjusted according to the association where employments are being applied. The LinkedIn profile and CV contain subtleties of my scholastic experience and extracurricular exercises, additionally there is incredible insight concerning my work understanding, professional and soft skills that I have. The cover letter is layout of the letter that would be sent to potential businesses, which incorporates an essential diagram of what is in the CV, featuring key territories that would make the CV progressively compelling.
Likewise connected in the portfolio is The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Report. This report is an examination of my personality type (the guide). This analysis can be utilized to become acquainted with my strengths and weaknesses better. I have additionally included a point by point impression of the business placement. Coming to the competition of the work appended is a highly detailed reflection on the work placement, that highlights the advancements of the skill sets that were developed amid this time frame.
Toward the start of the course, we were required to evaluate our own characteristics and subjective capacities through the Vitae Researcher Development Framework. Through reviewing this structure, I have noted a significant distinction in my observation of my skills from the beginning of the course to my present state. Numerous variables that have improved for me personally have been because of the dissertation, as in I can see an improvement in the accompanying:
a. More careful frame of mind
b. Willingness to critically assess myself
c. Work autonomously
d. Sticking to a given arrangement
e. Demonstrate self – discipline
These skills are very imperative to the research project. I trust that the previously mentioned components are abilities that I have enhanced fundamentally and these are reflected in the research work that I have done.
Regarding the dissertation, there were two regions specifically that helped enhance these skills, the literature review and the questionnaire data collection. The literature review was an exceptionally fastidious part of the thesis and required a lot of focus, the whole procedure and fulfilment of literature writing and arranging data helped with improving my intensive frame of mind and giving me the willingness to critically assess myself.
In the wake of perusing numerous past papers and reviews, I had the capacity to propose my very own research questions and hypothesis. The literature survey was a long-drawn procedure that required complete attention as it was a section that always was constantly referred to, this helped improve my abilities of being progressively thorough as the data here couldn’t be taken casually. In addition, the literature review was a huge part of the thesis and required critical analysis as this chapter was one that would represent the moment of truth of the research work. Subsequently, it required consistent critical evaluation and this enabled me to assess myself and my work.
Further, when it went to the survey information collection, the skills that I trust I have upgraded are the capacity to work independently and to adhere to a given plan. The study data collection constrained me to work independently on the grounds that this was an undertaking for the paper that expected me to work and talk with respondents by myself without anyone else’s input. This particular task helped me improve my capacity to work freely, additionally, in light of the fact that the study was led inside a specific timespan, I figured out how to all the more likely adhere to a given plan as the questionnaire must be finished and distributed for viable data collection.
To prevail in my future career, the previously mentioned are a couple of critical skills which I would adapt, I’m willing to critically evaluate myself and I can work independently. I can likewise adapt plans when fundamental and in the same time deal with my time effectively and efficiently. Continually ready to look for direction and guidance by my seniors when vital and open for the criticism with the goal that I can improve myself in my profession.
I comprehend that my skils of working independently and managing my time adequately will be most valuable, and I likewise trust that my employers will recognize that I can complete work successfully, effectively and efficiently. Besides, as a part of my Professional Development Program I had taken work-based experience with an organization named Itihaas Indian. My employer as well as my colleagues in that company have seen me working effectively. I was been supported and given significant opinion on my work performances that encouraged me and boosted me up when I needed to manage the stress on work and due dates.
BMM604 – Inside this module, the Market Strategy we had a group simulation called as Mark Start, the teams were made by staff and then provided to us. Later we had our initially meet in library and exchanged WhatsApp numbers and made a group for simplicity of communication so we could plan and cooperate. Our initially meet was increasingly causal and we were discussing about our countries, social norms and learning about each other’s cultures.
BMM601 – Within this module, Marketing Management, the teams were made by staff and later gave to us. There was one team made and the assignment was to pick an organization and lead a situational analysis and get to know about the threats and opportunities of the company; the report was developmental, to be utilized in the exams.
BMM604 & BMM601 – Group meetings were led in the library as it was the common reachable zone for all individuals. Making use of the WhatsApp groups, meeting timings were settled upon, amid the meetings each task was designated, with every teammate picking one section to work on. Issues that were common were that there were a few times when all group members wouldn’t be accessible due to prior commitments, notwithstanding, these issues were handled by assigning them tasks that they could complete in their own time. I trust that this strategy for handling the issue was affable, as the issue in itself wasn’t problematic; the jobs were done, and minutes of the gathering were put on the WhatsApp group for the individuals to allude to.
BMM604 & BMM601 – One challenge that ascended from working in a team was that not all of the members were open to criticism relating to their own work or contribution to the group; and this would affect the project adversely. This was an issue that required a great deal of effort and clarifying, as some teammates had a genuinely constrained sense of the English Language, regularly mixing up things lost in translation.
Assess your strengths and weaknesses as a team.
BMM604 & BMM601 Strengths – As a group, a strength was that large amounts of research were completed in a short span of time as more people were dedicated to researching the same subject area. Also, more ideas were obtained as different members had different thought processes allowing for a variety of ideas to be presented in the group.
BMM604 & BMM601 Weaknesses – As a group, the weaknesses were mainly a communication gap as not all group members were fluent in the English Language, this was reflected in their written work which needed to be revisited again, often slowing down processes. Also, as a group it would take large amounts of time to narrow down on one decision as there were many opinions on the best way forward.
BMM604 & BMM601 – Working in teams with members from different cultures and countries allows for effective working as it brings to the table different perspectives to the same problem. Different perspectives allowed for effective working as members would take on tasks that they knew they could work the best on in the group, as their culture or country provided them that experience. Moreover, with presentations, working in teams with various cultures allowed for different methods of presenting data, which provided points for creativity. Working with different cultures creates room for effective working, simply because ideas are discussed to an extent where individuals gain a deeper insight into cultures different from their own.
BMM658 & BMM601 – Personally, I believed that my strengths of organization, presentation and the English Language helped the effectiveness of the team. Being an organized individual allowed for me to ensure that the group knew what it was doing and that the tasks that were distributed were equally done so as to not burden a single member of the group. Moreover, my grasp of the English Language along with my presentation and communication skills allowed for me to ensure that the presentation (BMM658) and the situational analysis report (BMM601) were properly presented and were professionally submitted.
BMM604 & BMM601 – Working in a team setting considered for me to encounter individuals of various cultures and countries, which gave me new points of view of what life in these nations would resemble. With the world turning into a small place, it is nothing unexpected that people work in various corners of the world, far from their home countries and being in a team with various cultures allowed me to comprehend the hard-working attitude in various societies, and the procedure that people from various nations use inside the work climate. Working in a team has improved my employability abilities as I have turned out to be progressively understanding, patient and further expressive of the points I am endeavouring to make.
BMM604 & BMM601 – Working in multi-social groups has enabled me to locate more noteworthy patience with regards to working with others and I trust this can be exchanged to the work environment, as working in teams will be fairly common, and so as to in order to maintain civility, patience is key. Further, I trust that working in a team setting has enabled me to critically assess my work, and in the working environment, this is a priceless ability as by being critical of my work, I can make sure that there will be no breaches in the work that I perform, allowing for me to further build up my abilities and develop in the working environment.
BMM658 & BMM601 – If I were to work with a similar group once more, I imagine that we would appoint tasks somewhat differently, that were more suited to each individuals’ qualities. Although, that is on the grounds that now we know each other’s qualities and weaknesses so better choices can be made, but since this was not known toward the start of the modules, choices were made utilizing trial and error. Furthermore, if I happened to do things different way, I trust that I would be somewhat be more patient with the group as it would help keep up the amicability within the team, allowing for better work to be done.

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