A reverse engineering approach for product development

ABSTRACT: Recent technological developments have made easier the application of reverse engineering. In this paper, a reverse engineering approach for the development of the products has been presented, This approach has been based on the scanning of the initial product, followed by the redesign of the initial product, the manufacturing of the redesigned product through … Read more

Hydraulic jacks

Hydraulic jacks are widely used in the automotive industry to lift and support vehicles to facilitate repairs .Hydraulic jacks are also found in a variety of specialized application including lifting racing cars ,semi-trucks ,airplanes and forklifts .This jack are widely used across the globe and have outweighed the use or application of screw jacks in … Read more

Lean manufacturing for Indian automotive companies

Our initial results showed positive response from a majority of companies that we surveyed. However, a subsequent follow-up study of the inner working of these companies presented different scenarios and therefore helped us to understand the real problems facing these companies. Our in-depth research shows that among Indian automotive companies, there has been a remarkable … Read more

Systems engineering

Problem 1: 1. What are the principle points the authors are attempting to make’? This is an assimilated work of different authors on the topic ‘Systems Engineering’, it tries to explain what systems engineering means, how it came into existence, it’s evolution with time, its interdisciplinary applications, different models and their diverse roles in systems … Read more

Harmonic currents and their effect on distribution transformers

Literature review Introduction This project examines harmonic currents and their effect on distribution transformers. Details of transformer losses associated with harmonic currents will be discussed. Data from a residential distribution transformer will be used to illustrate the amount of harmonic current present. Harmonic currents have existed in electrical power systems for many years, but have … Read more

Power quality problems

1.1 INTRODUCTION Source current distortion has become a major power quality problem in industries and utility power system because of higher usage of nonlinear loads in the system. Voltage harmonics in power distribution systems arise due to current harmonics produced by the nonlinear loads. The non-sinusoidal currents through electrical systems and the distribution-transmission lines, additional … Read more

Design And Development Of A Real-Time Ground Station Software System For Small Satellite And Analysis Of Satellite Data Using Data Mining

Abstract : In the current scenario, weather monitoring is playing a very significant role. Every day around 800 satellites (Radiosonde) are being launched for weather sampling globally. The objective of this project is to design and develop ground station software system along with a cost effective small satellite. The software will be developed using JAVA … Read more

The Cost of Transmission Services – An Overview

Abstract: Deregulation of the electric power utilities has recently increased tremendously throughout the globe. This has turned great interest of power system researchers in finding new pilgrims in the competitive market. In this paper, the various components affecting the transmission cost has been discussed. Particularly many transmission services and cost component of transmission price along … Read more

Error Producing Conditions within the work place

When an error occurs the conditions present at that time are known as ‘Local Factors’. In aircraft engineering the main areas of concern has to do with documentation, tool control, fatigue and time pressures. Documentation The largest number of incidents reported to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has to do with documentation errors, most of … Read more

Power generation and transmission

Power generation and transmission is a complex process, wherever power is to be transferred, the two main components are active and reactive power. In a three phase ac power system active and reactive power flows from the generating station to the load through different transmission lines and network buses. The active and reactive power flow … Read more

Cement and concrete

Water, unsurprisingly, is the number one most consumed substance in the world. Concrete, surprisingly, is the second most consumed substance in the world. Concrete is created by mixing cement, water and aggregate. Cement is the vital binding component in the concrete production process. This combination is the most abundantly manufactured material in the world and … Read more

Resistance welding

Resistance welding is a method to join two metals that involves the application of force or pressure as well as electricity at a spot where the two metals touch. It is also known as resistance spot welding or resistance seam welding. The electricity creates resistance heat at the point where the two metals touch, creating … Read more

Fracture in materials science and engineering

Fatigue is the weakening or exhausted of material caused by frequently applied loads. Fatigue is a major concern to ensure the longevity of product to avoid under stress , as well as trying no to overburden the metal during production. It is the structural damage that happened when a material is undergo the cyclic loading. … Read more

application of PSO to ELD problem

Abstract- This paper describes a successful adaptation of the particle swarm optimisation (PSO) algorithm to solve types of economic dispatch (ED) problems in power systems. Economic load dispatch is a non linear optimization problem which is of great importance in power systems[1]. Economic load dispatch (ELD) is the scheduling of generators to minimize the total … Read more

Essay on auto intensity street light control

CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 2. SCOPE OF STUDY 3. METHODOLOGY OF AUTOMATIC STREET LIGHTING SYSTEM 3.1 Design Architecture 3.2 Hardware Specification 3.3 Software Development 3.4 System Working Principle 4. AUTOMATIC STREET LIGHT SYSTEM CIRCUIT DESIGN 4.1 LDR 4.2 Infra Red Proximity Sensor 4.3 Voltage Regulator 4.4 Comparator 4.5 Darlington array 4.6 LEDs for Street lights 4.7 … Read more