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Essay: The impact of internet of things and M-commerce (mobile commerce)

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  • The impact of internet of things and M-commerce (mobile commerce)
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M-commerce (mobile commerce) is type of business activity is a service of buying and selling of good and services by the gadgets such as handful devices like smart phones personal digital assistance (PDAs) and also other wireless device connections. M commerce is the use of mobile gadgets to communicate, transact, and engage utilizing information and text by a connection to private & public networks. Some of the services provided by M-commerce are mobile money transfer, portable ticketing, mobile vouchers, coupons and member cards. Mobile commerce also have its own attributes. Such as ubiquity, convenience, interactivity, personalization, localization. Mobile can give many benefits to organisation. For example, the specific business can increase their sales by giving reduce the difficultness by ordering through mobile. Moreover, it is also advantage for individuals or customers by accessing a business 24/7 hours and anywhere. Then, customers can go for cashless for purchasing a product or service by mobile financial applications. For example mobile banking via mobile device.

Furthermore, location based M- commerce is call L-commerce where there will be use of location to find a customer and send of m-commerce transaction to the customer. Some of the infrastructure used to find the customers are mobile devices, mobile communication network, service or application provider and many more.

Location-based mobile commerce will use method of automatically identifying physical location of a person is called Geolocation. It is a process of providing any information from the web user’s. It also can be done by without provide any information. Moreover, a positioning component called global positioning system (GPS) which will identify a specific location at any place across the earth. It also provide navigation to users. Location-Based Data is help of gathering a specific amounts of data. It might helps a person in a well decision making process.

Internet of things

Internet of things is (IOT) is the network of devices. For example home appliances, vehicles that contain electronics, coffee maker, washing machine, software and connectivity which allows these things to interact, connect and trade information via the internet If it has an on and off switch, those things can be a part of loT. By 2020, there will be more than 26 billion devices where connected to IoT, says Gatner who is a inquisitor. The lot including extending internet connectivity beyond standard devices such as laptops, tablets desktops and smartphones, to any range of non-internet enabled physical devices. The following part includes expands internet connectivity past standard gadgets. Examples of standards gadgets are PCs, tablet and mobile phones and devices that have range of non-internet empowered physical gadgets. On a wider view, the IoT can connected to many sectors, such as transportation network. It is called ‘smart cities’ that can reduce waste and enhance effectiveness for things like vitality use, that empower us to understand and improve the lifestyle that how we work and live

By adding these connected devices with automated systems, it is helpful to” collect data, analyse it and take a step” to help someone with a specific activity ,or to gain more knowledge from the process. Other than this, immured with this latest high technology, these devices can communicate and interact over the internet, and they can well controlled and monitored. Moreover, based on a research conducted by Forrester recently,2019 will see the Internet of Things becoming more intensely embedded in our daily routine lives at home and work. Objects in factories and connected machines offer the potential for a 4th industrial revolution and experts predict more than half of the new businesses will run on the lnternet of Things by 2020. Based on a research done by Evans in United Kingdom, he found that “Internet of things gives us opportunities to enhance effectiveness in things we do, save our time, money and often emissions in the process.” Internet of things allows industries, governments and public authorities to re-think how they produce goods and deliver services. “The quality and scope of the information over the Internet of Things enhance effectiveness for things like vitality use; this empower us to comprehend and enhance how we work and live “continued Gorski

Nowadays, the internet of things (IoT) shows to being connected every objects to the world wide web, and incurred to be controlled remotely and without wire to obtain and share data and interaction without a human being involved. Internet of things in the company and workplace can compilation groups of hardware and technologies like smart device, robots, artificial intelligence to improve ability and make new market opportunities.

o What kind of IoT devices are use in companies?

IoT in company and workplace can be split to three main cluster:

Infrastructure, repurposed smart home device, and business specific IoT devices.Also there has been much fixate on smart building recently, the infrastructure of the workplace has been quietly getting smarter for years; for example: building management system have existed for specific time, and are used to control heating, air conditions, or doors. Beside, company security and alarm system are now usually connected to the internet to managerial through applications.

Systems are more intelligent – – like a heating system that sensitive on temperature in a work place or a company and it can change by referring to different area and workers situation, at the result means happier staff.

o Voice takes the lead

A number of tech brands are looking for a way to combine artificial intelligence and the IoT in the office and companies. For example IBM’s Watson Assistant can be used to make an applications that understand and recognised natural language and replay to customer in human-like an ordinary conversation. These application can either live on the web or be set into devices like robots. As CNET reports, A Watson Assistant is use at Munich Airport to power a robot that can tell you direction and gate information.


Privacy and security : privacy is a big problem with IoT. All information must be secure with some firewalls against hackers and spy. Throughout They can disruptive all information on the internet. For instance do you want your friends or boss to know what kind of medication that you are taking or where is your location exactly at the moment?

Complexity : The IoT is a verity and different network. Many failure or bugs in the software and hardware will have intensive effect even power failure can cause a lot of inconvenience.

Technology takes control human lives:

Our lives going to increasingly controlled by automations, and it will be depend on it. Children and young generation are addicted to internet and technology for every thing (watching movies, shop online, gaming, even doing sports). We have to decide how can controlled mechanize and technology in our daily lives.

M commerce on industries:

Mobile commerce became more in the global from 2013 till 2019, people has changed with technologies an facilities on mobile phone.

It makes an convenience where everyone can buy a mobile and has a market. The prices are also very competitive. Sites like ebuy provides products with a cheap price even cheaper than the outlet in the street. Some of us believe that the mobile commerce has influence on companies and industries among marketing and we are discussed below.

Mobile payment : mobile shopping allow the costumer to pay via mobile using chipset and bar code doesn’t need to carry out your credit cards out of your bag or packet. It means the shops are on your mobile. This issue helped to big companies and industries to obtain more costumer and it means the company is always on customer phones. These things help to a company to be more profitable.

Although its not just about industrials companies, It can be involving the gaming companies or music companies or something like that, which no need the customer buy a physical cd or dvd from the company, the customer can just download a file via internet with a console or mobile phone and share with others. This process provide by the company with consistency between m-commerce and the customer.

On the other hand we can mention some limitation of using mobile commerce on people lives like mobile device is limited, means it has small screen instead of desktop or laptop which makes impossible to browsing and find the things that you are looking for.

Connectivity: surly, all of us have confronted before with this situation that when we tried to download an application but we don’t have enough signal or connection, therefore, mobiles commerce must to have high-speed connectivity of new generation of network.

Benefits of mobile commerce

In the present business industry, M-Commerce have been drive in store, organizations, retails, media transmission and information advancement organizations. In these regions, It is commonly recognized appreciation to the going with great conditions of M-Commerce.

Accommodation is initial one of them similarly as with just a few snaps on cell phones, clients would be starting at now have the ability to do shopping, keeping money, download media records and more than that. M-business in like manner benefits retailers by different individuals of their pivotal highlights separated and responsive site and versatile site.

Next is Versatile Accessibility which client can be open by techniques for telephones and then be open online too through stamping on to different adaptable dispatchers and diverse structures association stages. Then again, the client may in like way decide not to be open by closing down his telephone, which sometimes can be something worth being grateful for.

Basic Connectivity is can be the length of the framework signal is available, phones can interface and work together trades adaptable to convenient just as compact to various contraptions. No necessity for modem or WI-FI organize set up.

By doing M-Commerce trades don’t require the customers to plug anything like PC or trust that the PC will stack. This is called time productive.

Benefits of IOT

Makers and industrialists in every division have an immense open entryway inside achieve where they can screen just as robotize a significant parcel of complex process drew in with gathering. While there have been structures which can pursue advance in the plant yet the mechanical IoT (IIoT) development gives obviously continuously stunning nuances to the directors.

The advantage is IoT engaged mechanical assembly can transmit operational information to the assistants like one of a kind apparatus creators and to deal with architects. This will engage action managers and generation line heads to remotely manage the assembling plant units and endeavour process robotization and headway.

With regards to office the board the use of IoT sensors in gathering gear enables condition-based help alerts. There are various essential machine gadgets that are planned to work inside certain temperature and vibration ranges. IoT Sensors can successfully screen machines and send a prepared when the rigging diverges from its prescribed parameters.

The Industrial IoT (IIoT) can offer access to constant stock system information by following materials, equipment, and things as they travel through the creation organize. This data will empower makers to anticipate issues, reduces stock and possibly lessens capital necessities.

Non- benefits of mobile commerce

It’s justifiable that such a large number of organizations are centered around portable business. This flood has made a couple of difficulties in the portable space for brands to survive. Competition is the very first disadvantage to be shown. Organizations crosswise over enterprises are moving their consideration regarding the portable commercial center. That implies while there may be a huge number of clients entering this road, there are likewise a large number of contenders doing likewise. Brands need to discover a specialty or market to concentrate on to increase upper hand.

Secondly, the danger of extortion in versatile showcasing is high and advertisers are to a great extent not set up to manage it. In one investigation, over 60% of advertisers conceded they weren’t set up to forestall misrepresentation in their versatile showcasing. Brands should ensure their accomplices are consistent with TAG and MRC principles, as this demonstrates these organizations know about extortion in portable advertisements and are taking measures to anticipate it.

As firms are given additional access to consumer’s information, they even have a better responsibility to safeguard it. Brands and retailers ought to make sure that any selling partner they work with encompasses a clear set of user terms, therefore users grasp precisely however their information is being collected and shared. The best thanks to get around problems with mobile commerce is to treat it as associate degree sweetening to the standard looking journey, instead of as a replacement. during this method, brands can give mobile looking to those shoppers World Health Organization demand it while not antagonistic established customers preferring ancientlooking.

The impact of internet of things and mobile commerce in changing the future commerce

IOT (Internet of things )

” Internet of things “technology gives greater visibility all through the progression of fulfilment, allowing traders to better meet the appeal of today’s consumers who buy more online. This technology allows companies to track orders from the moment an order is placed to the second time it reaches the door of the consumer. Every piece of inventory can be tracked in such a way through a management system.

Since many durable products require continuous refilling, in particular detergents, fabric softeners or printer ink, the ordering process can be automated. Subscription services began to streamline this process by measuring how often specific items were ordered from a retailer by a family. The “internet of things “could make it possible to measure consumption more precisely.

Manufacturers now manufacture washing machines or refrigerators with 15 or20-year life cycles that conclude the ongoing interaction with their consumer base. The formation of a relationship through a connected appliance or automobile could be a way of keeping a product’s life in the minds of consumers. Printer manufacturers, for example, could offer the ability to replenish cartridges.

The “Internet of Things “network could leverage different connections around an individual to provide more personalized information and actions beyond simply more bytes of data. All the data collected could be linked to more personal data in order to further personalize the experience of each household and each member. In a home with an intelligent fridge, for example, every family member An experience can be tailored to your preferences or the offers can be tailored to the driver behind the wheel in a connected car.

While trade growth in the emerging IoT area will not be without challenges, these five opportunities make the long-standing fight worthwhile. However, trade players must bear in mind that, unlike the arrival of computers at home, which slowly introduced consumers to the idea of digital commerce, or more recently smartphones, which introduced consumers to the idea of anytime. The ecosystem of the “Internet of Things” is not characterized by the arrival of a single device or thing anywhere in commerce.

M – commerce

There are places in the country’s interior that just don’t make opening a store worthwhile. There is a significant financial commitment to the electricity bill, maintenance staff and salesmen alone. In comparison, a dedicated group of online assistants is sufficient to run a multi-place website at once. And even where it’s convenient, e-commerce is likely that E- commerce will change the way people buy, transforming shops into demo places.

The current experience of online shopping leaves much to be desired. Most online retailers have a similar structure and pattern, with a series of market price lists, five or six photographs and a short description of the product. We can expect e-commerce to create a more immersive online experience for the end user with technological advances that allow for a better look and feel.

The only problem facing all e-commerce configurations is fear of lack of user control; all centres and customer support desks are the perfect solution. The establishment of e-commerce companies would do well to set up dedicated customer support desks to ensure that their end users always have a contact point to reach. The lifetime value of customers is integrate to the success of web trade and customers.


In conclusion, Internet of things can develop the availability of information that can reach around the world by everyone. It can access by any services or any business, anytime and anywhere. Internet of Things makes our lives easier by some pretty interesting applications such as Healthcare, Transportation, and Agriculture. However, various factors like security, privacy and data storage also need to be considered as a disadvantage of Internet of Things. The connecting of additional devices to the net can lead to the loss of jobs. Moreover, there are also high potential for hackers to access it, some corporations may not want to share their information, and individual people may not like the complete absence of their privacy. Based on these, few disadvantages internet of things might take few years to be successful among people and also certain industries

For m-commerce , in the world of m-commerce revolution has already begun, it is less complicated to use and is everywhere available. As m-commerce applications and wireless devices are evolving rapidly, one will take forward the other one towards empowering innovation, power and adaptability in them. Once m-commerce issues and challenges have been incorporated into the policies of a company, benefits could be expected. Other than that , the success and popularity of m-commerce can’t be ignored. It might take awhile ,maybe even years, but for sure high-tech m-commerce will make our live more easier and comfortable with accessibility of all goods and services and ensures complete connectivity, at all times

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