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Essay: Research proposal: Global recruitment

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  • Research proposal: Global recruitment
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Question 1: Critically examine the factors that affect global organization’s recruitment and how do you ensure the recruitment policy matches business growth strategy and culture. You may select two different countries of your choice to compare and contrast.

What is global organization recruitment?

Global organization recruitment is a process and policy whereby the hiring process
Global business refers to international trade whereas a global business is a company doing business across the world. The exchange of goods over great distances goes back a very long time. Anthropologists have already established long-distance trading in Europe in the Stone Age. Sea-borne trading was commonplace in many regions of the world in times predating Greek civilization. Such trade, of course, was not by definition “global” but had the same characteristics. In the 16th century all of the continents came to be routinely linked by ocean-based communications. Trading activity in the modern sense rapidly followed at the beginning of the 17th century; it might be more accurate to say that it “returned” again because trading of such character had taken place in Roman times as well.
Globalization is a long-standing program backed by the economically advanced nations to free up international trade across the globe through treaties. It has also come to mean the relocation of production or service activities to places that have much lower labor costs. Global business in the past’or currently’does not require what advocates of globalization seek, namely a so-called level playing field. International trade has always had a mixed character in which national organizations and private enterprises have both participated, in which monopolies have been imposed, frequently defended by armed forces, in which all manner of restraints and tariffs have been common and participants have made all sorts of efforts to counter such interference or to profit from it.
With the business going global, the normal or traditional Human Resource Management has evolved into International Human Resource Management (IHRM), in order to cater and facilitate expatriates, and also to manage their well-being, while enjoying their work.

How recruitment works in global environment?

Factors affecting global organization recruitment.

Normally, there are two main factors that affect the global organization’s recruitment, which are the internal and also the external.

Figure 1: Factors affecting recruitment

Internal Factors.

Internal factors are those which directly from or within the organization itself which affects the recruitment behavior. Some if the internal factors are:

i) Organization size – Recruitment process is affected by the size of the organization to a large extent. Experience suggests that a larger organization recruits more candidates than smaller ones. Also, large organizations find recruitment processes are less problematic than small organizations.

ii) Recruitment policy – The recruitment policy of the firm also affects the recruitment process. This policy is concerned with candidates from outside the organization, whereas others want to recruit from internal sources.

iii) Organization image – Image or goodwill of the organization also affects the recruitment. An organization with good image attracts potential and competent candidates to a greater extent. Good public relation, rendering public services, or corporate social responsibilities help to enhance the image and reputation of the organization.

iv) Job image – Jobs which portray good image in terms of better remuneration, working condition, promotion, career development opportunities plus other benefits can entice the potential and qualified candidates to a large extent.

External Factors.

External factors are those affecting recruitment from outside of the organization, in other words, indirectly. Some of the factors are:

i) Demographic ‘ A demography is the study of human population in terms of age, sex, occupation, religion, composition, ethnicity etc. The demographic factors have philosophical encouragement on recruitment process.

ii) Labour market – Labour market creates the force of demand and supply of labour of particular importance. For instance, if demand for a particular skill is high relative to its supply, the recruitment process evolves more efforts. Contrary to it, if supply is more than demand, the recruitment process will be easier, but competitive for candidates.

iii) Unemployment situations – Unemployment rate of particular area is yet another influencing factor of recruitment process. If the unemployment
rate is high, the recruitment process will be simpler and vice versa.

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