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Networking can be defined as ‘A supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest’ (Dictionary.com). http://www.dictionary.com/browse/networking

My generations have had it easy because I was born and living in the era where professional connections can be done online such as with LinkedIn.com or other social networking but me and my generation have not really take advantage of those opportunity but instead we use it for other things.

This is something that I have managed change and I have done that by creating my very own professional LinkedIn page whereas employers can find me and get in touch with me when my skills, experiences and knowledge matches their description without even me having to apply for the position.

So far on my professional LinkedIn page, I have got more than 40 professional connections and 5jobs offers, including 1job offer from a gaming company in Gibraltar willing to pay for my relocations and accommodation for the first 6months.

Over the last couple of month, I have also managed to use my Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat for business purposes such as promoting for nightclubs in Southampton with RUM (Real Urban Music) for Oceana, Junk, Switch and Envy in Portsmouth. The reason why I have done that or I am doing this is because I want to reach out to the world and potential employers and show them what I can do and in return I want to see what they can offer me.


(78%) of the businesses who responded to the confederation pf British Industry’s 2009 education and skills survey said that “Employability skills was one of the important factors when recruiting, along with a positive attitude (72%) and relevant work experience/industrial placement (54%). Source: CBI, 2009, P.11

The reason why these skills are important for each employee or graduate is that those skills underpin employees and graduate’s success.

Me, throughout my time at work and studies, I personally think I developed the following skills that will make me the most suitable employee or candidate for my future career.

1. Team Working

2. Communication

3. Problem-Solving

4. Computer Literacy

Team working Skill is very important to every single employee because when a new employee join a company he or she will become a part of a team no matter what department you are working on within that organisation. So, the new employee’s ability to work with other and perform within his or her team becomes an important skill set I develop this skill at university throughout all the group work as we had to work together to achieve a certain goal with my team mate and I have also developed this with my football team as my main goal is to win, so we got to stay together, protect each other and work together to win.

Good communication skill enable employees to communicate well verbally or written and it’s an essential requirement for graduate roles. This skill has been and being developed in the daily basis but specially with university work and while at my job. I am required to communicate with all stakeholders, to help them with their needs and wants

Every simple graduate or new employee need to be able to solve problem while at work or university, that is why problem solving is an essential skills graduates like me will be expected to be able to demonstrate at work. I am currently improving at my current job as a cashier with William Hill, dealing with customer question regarding bets, payment, complains and prices or offers

Computer Literacy comes in handy while at work and graduate’s IT skills underpin all roles with the organisation they wish to work for and all graduate’s roles will expect them to have a certain level of IT. They do not mind if you are an expert but they want you to know the basic.

I am improving this skill constantly while at university and at work. My university courseworks must be done through a computer, even though we are encouraged to read books but we still have to type everything into a word document or publisher, power point or excel.

At work, accessing emails, reading them and replying to client is also part of my duty.


Graduate selection process can be defined as the process by which employers set for graduates to follow while applying for positions in their organisations.

I have researched the HR industry specifically working as a Human resources officer and assistant. The reason why I chose this is because I feel more comfortable and confident working with variety of people and I am adaptable to any team task or induvial work. I also have had that passion of meeting and interacting with new people on the daily basis and working in the HR department or sector will enable me to do so.

The first graduate job I researched and selected was Human Resources Officer. I chose this job role offers what I am looking for and according to my personality Test, which suggested that I would be suited to perform well in the positions based on my answers to the personality tests.

The second graduate job I chose was Human Resources Assistant. I chose this as my second option because William Hill and Waltham Forest College offers training to the successful candidate before and while working. This position also matches or fulfil my passion of interacting and meeting new people of the daily basis.

The application process for these two jobs are kind of similar as it’s both done online with both companies (William Hill and Waltham Forest College), but working for a college will required me to attend an assessment day, where I get to take couple tests, so while applying I would have to make sure that I come across as the most suitable candidate for the those and past experiences and future trainings would be really beneficial and work on advantage.

The potential barriers to these jobs would be:

• Competitions (I most definitely not be the only candidate applying for it)

• Candidate with more experience (Employees from other companies)

• Candidate with High qualification (Masters and Doctorates degree)

• Work Experience with the company


1. My short-term goal is to graduate from Southampton Solent University with a 2.1 or 2.2. in my degree by the summer of 2017. I know it will be hard to achieve that goal but I am working hard to get all the grades necessary to achieve it. I am also planning on traveling around the country and Europe during the summer for a bit as a reward for finishing my studies but whilst doing that I will be working part time with my current job, as a cashier at William Hill.

2. My medium-term goal, is simply based around employment; which is to keep my current job as Cashier/Assistant Manager with William Hill for another 1-2years after graduation. The reason why I have chosen to do this is because I want to gain insider business experience and knowledge as I have got the opportunity to progress and work my way through the Human resources department of William Hill.

I have already had meeting with William Hill regional manager (Jeff Tuck), where as we discussed about this opportunity and I will have to attend a 2-3weeks paid work experience with the Human resources.

I think that this objective is SMART as I believe I have and will have the skillset that makes me a valuable candidate for that Human resources position.

3. My long-term goal is based on working for the William Hill’s human resources department within 2-4years after graduation because by then I will have enough experience required for the positon and I will know all the information needed about William Hill from top to bottom.

This position with William Hill will require me moving to either Leeds or London as their head offices are based in Leeds and London.

I have already gotten in touch with them and all I must do is prove to them that I am a valuable candidate for that position.

My second long-term goal is also based on working for Waltham Forest College’s human resources department, that is the college I went to and I was offered that position for my placement but I opted not to take it but instead after having a formal meeting with them, I was asked to bring my qualification when I graduate from university and if the position still available to work full time, they will consider me.



Everything I do right now ripples outward and affects everyone, as my posture can shine my heart or transmit anxiety. My breath can radiate love or muddy the room in depression and my glance can awaken joy. My words can inspire freedom and my every act can open hearts and minds. (David Deidra)

2. PROTAGONISTS are natural-born leaders, full of passion and charisma. Forming around two percent of the population, protagonists are oftentimes our nation’s politicians, our coaches and our teachers, reaching out and inspiring others to achieve and to do good in the world. With a natural confidence that begets influence, Protagonists take a great deal of pride and joy in guiding others to work together to improve themselves and their community.



1. This is my Employability Self Evaluation Survey done during my lesson at university and it highlights my strengths and weaknesses in terms of my employability. You can see that I have some ground that I have to make up for I have to be the employee or the person to really stand out amongst others.



1. The graph above shows the comparison of how employer’s vacancies for graduate student have changed from the year of 2006 to 2016.

The first part of the research examines the number of graduate vacancies available at the UK’s leading employers in 2016, compared with actual recruitment in 2015 graduate. You can personally and clearly see that vacancies for 2016 are positions with an autumn 2016 start date, promoted during the current 2015-2016 recruitment season.

The latest research shows that although fewer graduates than expected were recruited

last year, the position for 2016 is very upbeat and the UK’s leading employers plan to hire 7.5% more graduates than the previous year in 2015.

1. The graph above shows the numbers of vacancies at top graduate employers out there for each sector and you can clearly tell the difference between different sector as the graph shows.

2. The biggest growth is at public sector organisations, banking & finance employers, engineering & industrial companies and the Armed Forces, which together expect to have over 1,300 extra graduate roles in 2016.

This data or research shows and confirms that there will be a further welcome increase in the number of new graduate jobs available at the UK’s top employers in 2016, recruiters inform that 32% of all vacancies are expected to be occupied by undergraduates who have had previous work experience with their organisations, such as paid internships or work placements.

1. The graph above shows where in the UK employers expect to recruit graduates and the majorities of these organisations or employers are based s in London according to the data for 2016 and half plan to hire new recruits for positions in the south east and west of England.

2. You can also see that a total of 45% and 35% of graduate employers have entry-level jobs offer in Scotland and Wales and 26% are recruiting for opportunities in Northern Ireland which kind of seems to the lowest compare to other places within the country.

3. The Graduate Market research in 2016 also records the type of job roles that employers are hoping to recruit graduates into. The most frequent requirement is for IT and finance vacancies. (see graph below)

1. From the table or graph above you can tell what type of graduate vacancies at leading UK employers in 2016. IT and Finance are on top of the chart leading the vacancies.

2. Human resources where I want to work in the future comes in third place, as we all know that every single out there needs a human resources department and with new upcoming organisation out there I am pretty sure HR will go up the scale.

1. The graph above shows the starting salary for graduate on entry employment and the starting salaries quoted are generally the average national salaries that have been promoted by employers during the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 recruitment rounds but those figures above do not include additional benefits such as relocation allowances, regional weighting, subsidised company facilities or bonus schemes.

2. But this graph here shows the starting salary for entry level graduate jobs in Human resources jobs and you can see that the starting salary in HR is not even close to £30.000 compare to other sectors.



1. LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/give-mpasi-8a6106b0?trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile

2. LinkedIn Job Offers


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[CV – this has been removed]


Achieving my career goal is so important and I feel that I need to work on improving myself today for the benefits of tomorrow, I can do that by:

• Making my commitment public

• Experience

• Reviewing my progress

The many studies have shown that peer pressure can be used in a positive way because knowing that other people are counting on you to succeed can increase your likelihood to follow through.

Making my commitment public moves my goals out of my mind into the spotlight so that people around (colleagues, family, friends and teachers) can help me accomplish them. I can do this by making successful public commitment in social networking event on the internet or award ceremony or gathering.

I carefully will need to select what group of people I am going to share my vision with, then share my commitment with them and tell them exactly when I want to accomplish my goals Experience is important factor in the work place and each employer out there wants a graduate to has experience for the job role they are applying for.

I am gaining experience for my future goal (Working in HR) while at my current job and human resources subject at university but I know this won’t be enough, so I will need to take HR professional training such (CIPD) after graduation and this training will help gain more HR experience and knowledge needed for the job and will also boost my CV, as help me stand out as the most suitable candidate for the position.

Reviewing my progress is and will be such a vital part of me achieving my future goal and this will be like a timetable set out by me, outlining the What, Where and Where and this timetable will be checked or monitor by me.

So far, I have not set up any timetable yet because I have just got abroad idea for my future goal but I have already set up my short, medium and long term goal, length and how it will be done.



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