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The Renaissance and its impact

The Renaissance is considered the rebirth of culture for the 1400’s. In this time period, so much had changed in the forms of both the arts and literature. The Renaissance provided those with a sense to explore things in depth. They explored the artistic culture of the time, dove deeper into critical thinking and humanism … Read more

The Life and Work of Ed Ruscha

Ed Ruscha was born in Omaha Nebraska on December 16, 1937. He was born to his Father, Edward Ruscha, and his mother Dorothy Ruscha. His family also included two siblings. One was a brother, named Paul, and the other, a sister, named Shelby. His family was of the Roman Catholic religion, and his father was … Read more

Molly Soda’s Piece on Social Media

Featured in the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, Eye to I is a collection of portraits from the 1900’s to today. One of the portaints featured in the collection caught my attention. Molly Soda’s piece stood out to me because of the obvious relevance to today’s social media use, and more specifically online identity. Social media … Read more

Sophie Calle

Sophie Calle is a French photographer, writer and conceptual artist who was born in Paris in 1953. Calle’s work is recognised globally due to its unusual and often uncomfortable tensions, its vulnerability and its exploration of intimacy and identity. Her methods intertwine her personal life with her artistic work. Calle often throws herself passionately into … Read more

Renaissance Art Movement

The Renaissance art movement is the period of art immediately following the Middle Ages in Europe. This period is a time where Europe saw a rising interest in classical learning and values of ancient Greece and Rome. This period of art was accompanied political stability and advancements in technology. The Renaissance Art movement began in … Read more

Benefits of a Arts Degree

There is a frequent miss understanding that an arts degree does not make a strong career prospect. This because unlike many vocational degrees which prepare you for a specific occupation, a Bachelor of Arts degree is focused on increasing a student’s knowledge and critical thinking skills in numerous areas such as history, literature, art and … Read more

How artists explore the past, present and future potential of the human condition

Contemporary art by nature, encourages a necessity to challenge and confront cultural, social and political frameworks. Artists: Shlipa Gupta, ORLAN, and Marc Quinn discuss new ways of understanding what being ‘human’ is, in a very scientific and surreal manner. Gupta offers insight into the cruel foundations of humanity by breaking down complex biological systems into … Read more

Cradling Wheat by Thomas Hart Benton

The painting Cradling Wheat, by Thomas Hart Benton depicts three men and a young boy in a field harvesting and collecting wheat. These characters are positioned in the foreground of the work, with the surrounding landscape behind them. The four figures and the surrounding environment come together in a blend of shapes and colors. The … Read more

The Antigone by Sophocles – An Analysis

The Antigone, a famous tragedy play created by Sophocles, is a captivating masterpiece that has many intriguing moments in it. Antigone, the protagonist in the entire play, is Oedipus’ sister and daughter because Oedipus married his biological mother. Oedipus dies, and resultantly Ismene and Antigone become the last breed of the extended Labdacus family. Antigone … Read more

Paul Cadmus

Paul Cadmus is the egg-tempera man. He’s been renowned as a realist painter who uses Renaissance style of painting, which needs small, light strokes application. The procedure enables for few mistakes because when the stroke is ready, it’s hard to change. His Sailors and Floozies epitomize the predilection of the artist for social satire. His … Read more

Is it possible to create a pattern that shows general design rules that influence emotions of human beings

1. INTRODUCTION The general design field spectrum is constantly increasing and shifting towards relevant issues. Designers are facing a lot more challenges due to the rising responsibilities of finding solutions for topics such as sustainability or social innovations (Banerjee, 2008, p.2). To understand the human brain and the subconscious perception especially, is a key element … Read more

The history of light

Introduction Light has been the subject of investigation of vast amounts of cultural, religious, scientific and artistic thought, ever since Prehistoric times till the present day. As a concept, it has often been heavily appended with symbolism. The Ancient Egyptians, for instance, saw the light from the Sun as being the sight of the god … Read more

25 photographers and their works

This essay will be explain and go into to depth about 25 photographers and their works. Their work will be critically analysed into how they produced each series and what went into making them successful. It will also consist of the emotions and the narrative that theirs series showcase and why their work was inflectional … Read more

Fashion photographer Nick Knight

Today’s most influential fashion photographer Nick Knight works with the most well-known stars in the world. Knight was born in 1958 in London. He studied photography at Bournemouth & Poole College of Art and Design. We can say that he’s a fashion pioneer. He has photographed for Vogue, I-D and has shot music videos too … Read more