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Essay: Discover a Career as a Fashion Stylist and the Changes It Can Bring to the Future

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There are different Career choices and professions that the students want to undertake after the completion of College or University Education. Completing school is one of the greatest joy experiences of the students which has also some advantages and disadvantages. A student may finish the senior education and exposes his or herself in the outside world where they are responsible for seeking employment which is challenging to most of them. Every student before completion of the College Education is required to identify a type of job or profession of choice which favors their skills and in this paper, therefore, I am going to discuss my type of career choice and the changes it may bring in the future and some of the impacts it has created both locally and internationally.

I am an enthusiastic student who embraces the current trends in Fashion and it has been my dream to become a fashion stylist known all over the world. Fashion Design is a really important aspect of our society which has evolved gradually over the years. Talking about a small History of Fashion Evolution, during the period of the first man, for example, the Ramapithecus, they did not have any sense or knowledge of fashion and they improvised their own way to dressing. They performed hunting and used the skin of the animals to cover their body parts which were a good discovery for them. During the period of the World wars, there was the discovery of the sewing machines that were both electric and treadle type that involved manual work. These machines were discovered and they were used to produce the Army uniforms for the soldiers who took part in fighting for the freedom of its people (Saiki, 2015). Fashion has evolved throughout the years and currently, fashion designers have risen above their standards and they have established the production of great garment designs which fit the body form well without being uncomfortable. A fashion designing profession is important in the society because of it a topic and a career that will never end because fashion designers are discovered every day and different fashion trends emerge to be embraced in the society.

A Fashion stylist is responsible to perform the following roles, designing and dressing of people which are characterized by advising a person what type of garment to put on to a particular Fashion Event or Fashion show. It is a requirement for the Fashion stylist to have the ability to interact well with a customer to make him or her feel comfortable and free to share ideas. A Fashion stylist is also responsible for teaching and training other fashion designers. As much as a Fashion Stylist main role is to style a person, he or she is also able to teach skills in fashion designing to upcoming fashion designers who want to major also in the styling of customers. Fashion styling is a really interesting profession because it involves practical work and illustrations.

I personally feel that Fashion Styling will change the Future because we live in the 21st Century where the people follow the modern trends that have been influenced by for example the Western Culture. Different garment designs are created every single day by Fashion Designers which are embraced especially by the Youth and as a Fashion Stylist, I plan on discovering a type of garment that cleans itself when dirt is absorbed. Discovering this type of invention may change the fashion sense in that many people will prefer the self-cleaning garment which may act as a breakthrough for me and my country (Cho, 2017). This plan is possible through the support Governmental organizations and Fashion houses where a meeting should be arranged with the Board of Directors and me where I would seek guidance and share my ideas. A self-cleaning garment is a change in the future that should be developed by other related Fashion designers both locally and internationally. The production of this type of garment will promote exportation to other countries which will also create a good international relation. Technology will also be used in order for this mechanism to be possible and for identification of a proper fabric that diffuses with the dirt for cleaning purposes.

This invention will automatically change the future because it is unique and through proper marketing strategies this type of garments will influence foreign countries. As a stylist I will establish the following marketing strategies; through advertising of the project, different Fashion Organizations may come across the advertisement and choose to support the idea. Embracement of these elements in fashion organization is a major step as a fashion stylist because this will lead to exposure of other Fashion sense. Another marketing strategy I would use is assessing and conducting of fashion awareness illustrating the coming of a new merchandise. Most of this awareness I would conduct them in fashion schools and universities where there are self-motivated students or persons that are ready to be influenced by the new fashion invention.

The last marketing strategy I would use is by the creation of fashion websites which will mainly perform fashion blogging where pictures from Fashion shows and shoots will be posted to be viewed by the public which will be a breakthrough of success for my Fashion profession. Being a fashion stylist is an advantage to me because it is something that I love doing and it requires hard work and creativity to produce the best garments. Fashion styling is not only in garments but also shoe designing and event decoration. One of the paying jobs in the world is Fashion Styling where some of the customers are Ministers from the government and others are Music celebrities. A fashion stylist can make up to a maximum of $500000 annually excluding the holidays. In order to be a Fashion stylist, one has to own a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Designing with a second upper-class performance. Fashion is a broad profession which requires a lot of time for garment making and proper skills in order to be successful in this type of business.

I think that this Fashion styling occupation, in future will change to Fashion Engineering because it is complex and involve calculations of the body measurements with practical activities from pattern making to garment construction (Wang, et al 2016). The cloth is not just picked from the market and worn, first textile industries produce the yarn fabrics that are transported to fashion houses or companies where the fashion designers make patterns of a dress, shirt, and even the coats. The final fabrics are laid on the pattern and cut the stitching is done. After garment making then my occupation as a fashion stylist comes in by assembling the outfits and blending them to produce a good look considering the texture, color and the type of fabric. Styling involves the clothes, body shape and the color of the fabric, for example, a black dress will match well with any primary or secondary colored scuff or shoe to give a really royal look. Fashion styling is important in the society because it helps people to express themselves through dressing embracing their mood too.

Fashion design industry has led to some impacts in the modern world, for example, the government has facilitated the establishment of more fashion school institution and resources for the training of fashion designers. These institutions have professional trainers who have the skills in cloth making and mentor the students and the tailors on how to become a good and creative fashion designer. The government has supported fashion shows in the country by providing funds for the management of different modeling agencies.

Fashion design has also led to the spread of different cultures in different communities where the designers from Christian religion may design and style the Buibui for the female Muslims. An example of this garment is said to be pure and symbolizes humility and peace brings people together. Fashion designing also has promoted a good interaction between the people from a foreign country where they come together in Fashion Events resulting in the spread of new ideas (Palomo-Lovinski, & Hahn, 2014). Regardless of these positive impacts, the fashion industry has also experienced a negative impact like competition from other fashion companies that come up with new implementations to develop their fashion business structure.

I am confident that fashion will change in the future through the help of technology and the evolution of newer learned fashion designers that work with less or no supervision. Rules and regulations should be implemented in fashion schools and companies in future to develop the presentation of a person for example a rule that states that Every fashion designer should come up with a clothing design comprised of not less than 10 garments every year and through the support of the government, there should be an exhibition at the end of every year where there would be sales conducted by the various fashion designers. This will promote and encourage the start of a fashion clothing line which will result in the establishment of boutiques and shoe lines. Fashion Styling should be taught and embraced in schools because it is one of the best and interesting job to be done by both young and old age people.


In conclusion, every person has the right to express him or herself through dressing and what matters is that wearing the right cloth at the right place. Fashion design companies have acted as development chambers of the country promoting other businesses. I chose Fashion Styling because you are able to see the art of your work through dressing other people by blending the colors well relating to the hairstyle and the body shape. In addition, we have discussed my occupation of choice explaining the changes that it has in the coming future and giving the reasons why it is important in the modern world

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