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Essay: Fashion industry based in europe

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Fashion industry based in europe


The case study tends to follow the strategies intended by the H&M Company which mainly deals with the fashion industry based in Europe, North America and Asia. Following both its short term and long term strategies, it reflects its Human Resources practices implemented in the company. Indicating that the company’s growing presence and increasing number of employees we can assess that the practices are implemented uniformly and positively. The irony is although very nicely pointed out for H&M to be a flat organisation while its website claims that it is very easy to move vertically. The case study refers to the head of HR states for each point to be made clear, as if the case study is merely the reflectance of the ideas of the head of the HR states. The HR development can be seen as healthy as approaches such as e-learning and simulation based approaches are used. Reward Management also is seen to be lucrative for the employees. This can also be seen to synchronize with the HR Management strategies altogether. A good amount of study has been done on the practices followed by the HR management within the company. The recruitments by the HR as stated, is preferred first from within the organisation, and if needed, outsiders are given a chance. Although interns are not recruited within the organisation. The annual report quoted and quotes from the heads of different departments of the company throws a light and gives insights into the company from different angles. It can be seen that the HR Management uses many scientific proven methods to enhance productivity of the employees and cultivating a friendly work environment. Although, as stated, the procedures followed hence forth are not as concrete as they should’ve been. The H&M company’s organisational behaviour although said to be giving importance personality development, it can be seen that such practices are limited in cases. This is because a company being flat in structure cannot support flexible organisational behaviour from its employees such as independent decisions by the employees itself. They can only be practices to limited extent. Healthy environment is cultivated by the HR Management by ensuring learning and development within the company structure. A growing company which seeks to make its presence worldwide would have to support cultures like these. This helps in individual development of the employee as well as thrusts forward the company. The global temperament of the H&M can take it long in term of success. As all the companies go global, the competition is on a very large scale. Although the mention of the company’s presence in UAE specifically is not seen, it is said that the company operates in Asia. H&M being operative in North America, Asia and Europe has variety of fashion exposure and versatility to go for. The company catering Europe which has the fashion hub of the world should no doubt be considered small on the scale of its operations and management. (Hen10)

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