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The purpose of this report is to give insight of human resource planning, staffing, recruitment and related issues of Walmart, and find out how they carry out these HR practices. Firstly there is a brief introduction about the company and the HR planning of the company has been discussed afterward. Then the report discuss about the job analysis and design of Walmart including the job description and job specification. The report also highlights the internal and external recruitment of the company and the selections methods as well. Moreover, to organize the entire discussion, the report has been parted into four parts; first the HR planning and its application has been approached. This section also comprises of the significant approaches used by the company. Second section of this report provides the job analysis and design of Walmart. Third section discusses the thriving recruitment & selection strategies and an analysis of Walmart. Furthermore, the key HRM functions have been discussed, which might have been used by Walmart in order to engage their employees. Lastly, the report covers the current issues in the HR practices in Walmart and specific recommendations are given.

About Walmart

Walmart was established by Sam Walton in Rogers, Arkansas, in 1962 and centered its initial development in country zones, subsequently maintaining a strategic distance from direct rivalry with retailing mammoths, for example, Sears and Kmart. As it developed, the organization grew new retail arranges, including Sam’s Club markdown distribution centers and Wal-Mart Supercenters Inside a time of opening the blend basic food item and product Supercenters, Wal-Mart had gotten perhaps the biggest merchant in the United States. An accentuation on client consideration, cost controls, and efficiencies in its dispersion systems helped Wal-Mart become the biggest retailer in the United States in 1990. In 2006, Walmart launches the $4 generic prescription drug plan.

Walmart underwent the most important change in the logo so far in 2008, adding a new font and the famous spark. , Walmart enters Chile, for the first time reaching $400 billion in annual revenue. By purchasing 51 per cent of Massmart Holdings Limited in 2011, Walmart expands its business into South Africa.

Walmart agrees to purchase 250 billion dollars of products made in the United States in the next 10 years. Walmart opens the District of Columbia’s first store. Walmart plans an increase in its U. Walmart acquires 100 percent of the stake in Yihaodian, a Chinese e-commerce company, up from 51 percent since 2012. Rob Walton retires for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Walmart opened its Culinary & Innovation Center in Bentonville in 2016 to develop and test new and innovative products.

Human Resource Planning of Walmart

The company’s human resource management goals are to optimize overall staff efficiency and improve sales potential accordingly. Human resource preparation and task assessment and schedule are two of the main aspects of Walmart’s human resource management strategy. Through this aid, the association develops an ample workforce. Walmart ascertains that job requisites and prospects are consistent with the HR desiderata of the company via comprehensive job assessment and design. These factors of human useful resource administration impact how Walmart keeps its greater than two million personnel to furnish ample carrier to an increasing populace of goal consumers. Walmart’s human useful resource administration forecasts its group of workers desires to make sure potential to tackle adjustments in customer demand. (THOMPSON, 2017) Although other methods and techniques of forecasting are also used, below are the three most popular ones used in Walmart.

Bottom-up approach

The bottom-up approach analyzes human resource requirements from the lowest point of the organizational structure. Walmart’s human resource management goal for this strategy is to ensure that all levels of the company have sufficient front-line personnel based on HR requirements (e.g. hourly sales personnel) (Michael Armstrong, 2014). The company is starting to predict the HR needs of frontline staff. Walmart’s HR executives then continue to evaluate the requirements of HR at the next elevated stage of the corporate structure. Walmart HR executives then continue to evaluate the demands of HR at the next maximum standard of the corporate structure. This approach to human resource management means that all human resource demands at the bottom point of Walmart’s corporate structure that are met by a sufficient number of workers at the higher level of the organizational structure (THOMPSON, 2017).

Trend analysis

On the other hand, the pattern analysis of human resource management is used to forecast potential HR requirements based on existing requirements (Michael Armstrong, 2014). Walmart analyzes the sequence of recent improvements to HR and uses this insight to generalize potential HR needs. The current trend, which shows an increasing demand for human resources, indicates a higher demand for labour in the future. In order to identify HR needs in conjunction with the company’s global expansion, Walmart Human Resources Management uses a trend analysis (THOMPSON, 2017).

Delphi method

The Delphi approach predicts potential demands for HR rely on expert judgment (Michael Armstrong, 2014). Walmart’s human capital department uses the Delphi strategy to develop sufficient human resources for the creation of new products, outlets, other services. For example, HR specialists should understand HR requirements before opening a new Retail store at a certain scale. The human resource consulting firm uses the Delphi system to determine the number of workers required for each form of job, such as supply chain positions, procurement positions, and sales jobs (THOMPSON, 2017).

Walmart is faced with limited complaints about worker shortages, in particular sales workers. The organization is seeing a steady stream of candidates for sales vacancies. Nevertheless, when gross demand decreases, Walmart reports HR surpluses. This surplus is a problem for human resource administration because it results in lower cost-effectiveness of HR. (THOMPSON, 2017)Walmart uses the following methods to identify HR demands and avoid surpluses or shortages:

  • Sales performance analysis
  • Turnover rate analysis
  • Gap analysis

Walmart’s human resource department is adjusting recruiting practices on the basis of improvements in revenue results, which is an example of HR needs. Turnover is the rate at which Walmart’s human resources leave and is replaced. Turnover, along with the recruitment rate, is a measure of shifts in the composition of the company’s employees. Walmart’s human resources department means that the recruiting rate is comparable with the turnover rate. Walmart’s human capital department means that the recruiting rate is commensurate with the turnover rate. When the unemployment rate is smaller than the recruiting rate, Walmart’s employees would grow in number. The change in the size of the workforce typically happens as the business expands or opens new stores. In fact, Walmart’s human resource department employs a discrepancy review to determine the difference between HR demands and existing HR resources. A substantial difference means a decrease in the cost-effectiveness of HR or an inadequacy in addressing corporate needs. Walmart uses the gap analysis to decide on the change in recruitment efforts. The organization has an allocation or requirement for the distance. If the Hour distance reaches the mark, Walmart’s human resource department will raise or decrease recruiting activities.

Changes in recruiting were Walmart’s key approaches to managing HR supply and demand. The human resource department of the company is adjusting the recruiting pace to suit the needs of the workplace. Walmart can quickly change its recruiting practices without making a major effect on its financial results. Through emphasizing improvements in recruiting to align HR supply and demand, Walmart’s human resource department minimizes shifts in the company’s pay policy.

On the other hand, adjustments in salaries are often used to eliminate imbalances between HR supply and demand. Walmart’s remuneration strategy is designed to reduce expenditure on HR. This strategy is consistent with the overall cost management strategy of the company. When the HR supply becomes insufficient, Walmart’s last resort is to raise wages. In theory, higher wages encourage more candidates. Walmart’s human resource management is using this second approach to compete fairly in the labor market.


Job Analysis and Design at Walmart

Organizational design

Task research and configuration was efficiently applied in Walmart’s human resource management through the company’s corporate framework, which is a hierarchical operating system. This hierarchical arrangement makes it easier to determine distinct characteristics for each task. The configuration has clear lines of authority, lines of interaction and command lines. Walmart has simple and distinct meanings for any work function and structure standard. In addition, human resource management eliminates complexity in role analysis and design (THOMPSON, 2017).

Methods of Job Analysis

Walmart makes use of work-oriented task analysis and worker-oriented employment analysis. Work-oriented task appraisal is extended by the organization to selling jobs. The aim of this approach is to provide feedback on the tasks and outcomes. This approach is introduced by Walmart in the form of interviews and basic observations. The human resources consulting of the firm allows the direct evaluation of the behaviors of sales staff. Interviews should be performed to evaluate the role of team members and managers. This approach helps the management of Walmart’s human capital to produce the anticipated effects of research. On the other hand, the worker-oriented job research approach offers knowledge at behavioral, emotional and visual capacity. Walmart uses this approach for the study of executive workers. The basic use of this approach is by the Job Profiling Program (WPS), which is tailored for managerial roles. This approach helps Walmart’s human resource team to recognize the expertise required by executives, such as department managers and general managers.

Job descriptions

The job description is a formal explanation of what the person with a given job is supposed to do, how they will do so, and the justification for the necessary work procedures. Accurate specifications are important to the performance of the employee in the position, as they help ensure that the recruiting and hiring process is carried out successfully and that the most suitable applicant is chosen for the position. These often help to direct the goals and practices of the occupant as he / she is appointed. Work specifications shall be established by means of a task search or method for gathering and reviewing work information, including data on work tasks , roles and meaning, as well as essential components such as the competencies and characteristics needed. (N Jacobson, 2012) Job description eliminates needless confusion by asking workers what they need to know about their work. It shall decide which accommodation is appropriate for the claimant to be able to execute the critical functions of the role. (Dr. K. Krishnam Raju, 2017)

Being the largest supermarket in the country, Walmart offers a wide variety of job descriptions. Nonetheless, the human capital consulting agency uses the following factors as parameters for job descriptions (THOMPSON, 2017):

• Position
• Functions
• Duties
• Performance standards
• Job factors
• Job knowledge

In comparison, for executive jobs, Walmart stresses strategic and problem-solving expertise, skills and capacities (KSAs). To sales workers, on the other hand, the organization stresses work awareness and leadership skills. Walmart’s human resource department finds the communications abilities of sales staff that interact directly with customers to be important (THOMPSON, 2017).

Job specification

Job specification is a detailed summary of the human attributes required for the efficient execution of a task that is obtained from doing a work analysis (M, 2019 ). Work requirements are used in procurement and hiring, which convey the unique qualities that managers are expecting from job seekers which recruiters (Bajracharya, 2018). Job requirements are also helpful for guiding preparation needs, such as the recognition of required information and skills. (Levine, 2015)
The company has a wide variety of work requirements. By addition, though, there are essential qualities and ideal characteristics used in all job descriptions. For selling jobs, Walmart’s human capital department describes the main characteristics as follows (Royer, 2009):

• Communication skills
• Knowledge of the business
• Knowledge of products

Such critical qualities are mandatory for all sales workers around the company. However, certain qualities are often listed as attractive (Bajracharya, 2018). These attributes are preferred, but not necessary, for a sales worker to perform his job properly. Walmart’s human resource management defines the favorable characteristics as follows (Royer, 2009):

• Likeable and sociable qualities
• Multi-tasking skills

Internal and External Recruitment

Walmart’s human resource team is meeting recruiting needs through a range of training channels and approaches tailored to various roles within the company. HR administrators also use other strategies to boost productivity and motivation in the workplace. Walmart’s human resource department incorporates internal and external recruiting tools for different jobs. The utilization of internal recruiting channels depends on the willingness of existing employees to occupy vacant or new roles at Walmart. External recruiting outlets benefit from exposure to the job market in order to achieve the company’s human capital management goals. This approach virtually guarantees that Walmart remains versatile enough to fulfill all HR demands.

Walmart uses various types of internal recruiting channels. The following are the most important ones in the business:

1. Current employees

Current workers are a source of recruiting, especially for supervisory and managerial roles. For instance, Walmart’s human resource department encourages the transfer of hourly sales workers to executive roles. About 70% of the company’s executives served as seasonal sales workers and then elevated to their new roles.

Walmart is using existing workers as the main source of internal recruiting. Human resources administration also uses on-the-job trainees as an independent method of recruiting.

2. Trainees

Only a small number of trainees work for Walmart, for example in sales and marketing positions. Occasionally, the company hires trainees in the roles for which they have been trained. This strategy has the benefit of reducing increased human capital administration spending and ensuring the health of the workers.

3. Transfers

Furthermore, transitions are used to temporarily fill vacancies at Walmart on the basis of existing short-term HR requirements. Through this approach to personnel control and human capital, some existing employees are moved to other roles or places to fill workforce vacancies. Walmart also makes use of transitions to fulfill elevated HR demands on Black Friday.

Walmart’s human resource department uses a number of different external recruiting channels. The following are the most important ones for the organization:

1. Respondents to job advertisements

Respondents to work ads are Walmart’s main external recruiting outlet. The company’s website is the primary human capital training platform for this method of recruiting. Job vacancies are listed on Walmart’s corporate website for potential candidates on a regular basis. This recruiting method has the advantage of reducing the costs of meeting candidates.

2. Campuses

Moreover, the human resources consulting company has lately identified campuses as an essential external source of recruiting. In specific, the American Public University (APU) has entered into an arrangement with Walmart to offer academic credits to employees of the organization, depending on the length of the jobs and performance assessments. The approach supports APU, while simultaneously improving Walmart’s human resource management ability to reach out to APU students who are involved in employment at the firm. As a result, this additional source of recruiting increases the firm’s access to the job market.

Previous applicants

Previous candidates are a less important indicator of external recruiting seen in Walmart. The human capital management goal of the organization in using this tool is to optimize the cost-effectiveness of recruiting. Some of these past candidates have either been tested but have not been recruited or have not been working in Walmart. Therefore, by using former candidates as an alternative basis of recruiting, the organization does not need to carry out a more comprehensive evaluation of these jobs, thus helping to optimize the cost-effectiveness of human resource management


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