Politically Significant Music

With reference to the relevant academic literature – whether musicological or sociological – describe the ways in which scholars have written about politics in relation to popular music. Then, making use of well-chosen examples of artists and/or music from the twenty-first century, evaluate the extent to which those authors’ concepts remain relevant. Introduction Music as … Read more

Urban Popular Brazilian Music: Cajuina at Café 21

This ethnography concerns a musical performance by Cajuina, a San Diego based Brazilian music group, that took place on 25 November 2017 at Café 21. In this paper, I am first going to briefly discuss the historical context and general characteristics of Brazilian music genres that were featured in the performance, namely samba, bossa nova, … Read more

Jesus Christ Superstar – Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice

Jesus Christ Superstar is a 1970s rock opera written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. The production focuses on the last week of Jesus’ life, ending with his crucifixion, and places a sympathetic emphasis on Judas’ decision to betray Jesus. It confronts themes of manipulation, betrayal, love, and faith through a political and religious … Read more

Japanese film music

Japan was quick to adopt the technology for film production. Within only two years of the first moving picture camera entering Japan, a public showing of the new technology was given. Music was an element of the experience of motion picture in Japan from the beginning. The first film shown in Tokyo had no narrative … Read more

Langston Hughes lyrics to change & influence Americans to acknowledge African Americans

Change is difficult to acknowledge, but on the other hand it’s difficult to bring. Change can be acquired various diverse ways; it tends to be brought through savagery, talks or words. Wars constrained change through brutality, Gandhi brought it through addresses and Hughes caused it by his lyrics. Winston Churchill once stated, “There is nothing … Read more

Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics and Beowulf

The album good kid, m.A.A.d city, a literary epic by Kendrick Lamar, holds many elements of epic poetry. The story of this album surrounds K dot, a troubled teen growing up in Compton. It follows his troubles with characters like Sherane, and conflicts like getting jumped, getting in trouble for borrowing his mothers van, or … Read more

The effect of music on health

We wake up to different music every day, whether its waking up to an alarm clock or tuning into Spotify on the way to work. Music is beautiful to listen daily, it helps us develop mental energy to keep us motivated and happy. Music is an extraordinary type of articulation and can be utilized to … Read more

David Bowie

Over the many years of David Bowie’s astounding career, he has inspired millions of people with his eccentric style and dramatic music transformations. Bowie’s strong art sensibility helped make his music and live performances extremely visual and artistic. He is celebrated for blurring genres and opening minds around the globe and he has influenced more music … Read more

The way Romanticism influenced music

Romanticism is a term that often causes quite a lot of conflict between music historians, musicologists and other researchers of this era of music. The Romantic period of music roughly spans between 1830-1900. Due to its time frame many people use the term synonymously with 19th century music, however this would disregard many other movements … Read more