Opportunistic networks

1. OPPORTUNISTIC NETWORK Opportunistic communication has emerged as a new communication model to cope with nowadays network problems. Opportunistic network exploits the variation of channel conditions. It provides a degree of freedom in the time domain and thus network performance is increased. Opportunistic network is a network where the network contacts are discontinuous or where … Read more

The DotNetNuke

The DotNetNuke is actually a technical application whose evolution originally happened out of another project that is called as the IBuySpy Workshop. This application which is called the IBuySpy Workshop had been created by a person called Shaun Walker basically as a kind of enhancement to the portal of the application IBuySpy. This was actually … Read more

Usability in websites

Related essays: Website usability guidance Website usability Web usability There are principles of good web usability. They are discussed below: 1. Availability and Accessibility Your site should work when people try to access it for it to be useful. (Batra and Bishu, 2007) Consider the following for availability of your website: i. Server uptime (Matsunobe, … Read more

Website Usability Guidance

Related essays: Website usability Web usability Usability in websites Usability refers to the measure of the level of the user experience when using any given product or an already made system (Nielsen 2000)-. The product or the system can be a web site, any given software application or even mobile technology based application. According to … Read more

Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology

1.1 An Overview of wireless Technology In the past few decades, wireless communication has grown with very rapid speed. Wireless communication becomes popular in field of research since 1897, when Guglielmo Marconi first demonstrates radio ability to provide communication through English Channel [24]. During past two decade the mobile communication industry has grown in such … Read more

Is Pakistan prepared for an IT revolution?

During agriculture revolution, we were not on the map of the world. During the industrial revolution, we were fighting for our freedom and West was busy in innovations to make life easier. After the agricultural and industrial revolution, it’s time for information technology revolution. Information technology doesn’t require any fancy machinery like Industrial revolution. So, … Read more

Website usability

Related essay: Web usability Web usability makes it easier for one to use the website. The major goals of usability are: How one presents information and choices in a clear and concise way Lack of uncertainty and the placement of important items in the correct areas. Web usability makes it easier and appropriate for all … Read more

Taking a VMware certified course

VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 Data Center Design course is an important program which can give some proper results in the life of people. This method can be used with the help of expert of this course because they are able to provide proper study material and guidelines. This situation can give the appropriate results … Read more

Educational Data Mining (EDM)

Different researchers have defined the EDM in different ways. As stated by Campbell and Oblinger in [4], EDM is a combination of data mining and statistical techniques that assist faculty and advisor to detect the at-risk student so necessary remedial action can be taken to work accordingly. Instead of accessing the individual course, this type … Read more


Robotics is field of engineering which is composite of nature inspiration, practical science and artificial intelligence. The word ‘ROBOT’ is derived from a Czech word ‘ROBOTA’ meaning ‘FORCED LABOUR’. Whereas the proper form was introduced by writer ‘Isaac Asimov’ in his science fiction book ‘I ROBOT’ published in 1950. Throughout the centuries humans are being … Read more

Data mining

Data Mining is probably one of the most important concept, It should be the beginning of any data mining technical training because, on one hand, it gives a very well-shaped idea about what data mining is and, on the other, it is not extremely technical, this work is only about frequent patterns and specifically, about … Read more

Web usability

Related essays: Website usability Website usability guidance Usability in websites This is about making your website in a such a way that users can find what they are looking I an ease way and efficiently(Anon n.d.). What is web usability? Web usability requires knowing what your customers are looking for in their web experience and … Read more

Tracking Eyes using Gaze Tracking Systems

ABSTRACT Locating the face and tracking the eyes allows for valuable information to be captured and used in a wide range of applications. Eye location can be tracked using commercial eye-gaze trackers, but additional constraints and expensive hardware would make these existing solutions unattractive and impossible to use on standard (wavelength that is visible), images … Read more

Research proposal: Biometrics

Related essay: Authentication by the hand vein structure 1.INTRODUCTION: Biometrics are automated methods of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioural characteristics[2]. There are number of physiological and behavioural characteristics . Physiological characteristics are like iris, vein technology, face, palm print and behavioural characteristics such as gait recognition , voice, odour etc. as the … Read more

Image compression techniques

Related essay: Image processing CHAPTER-3 IMAGE COMPRESSION TECHNIQUES 3.1 NEED FOR COMPRESSION Compression is necessary in modern data transfer and processing whether it is performed on data or an image/video file as transmission and storage of uncompressed video would be extremely costly and impractical. Frames with 352 x 288 contain 202,752 bytes of information. Recording … Read more

Network security

Related essay: Online privacy 1.1 Network Security Today’s network environment is full of dangerous attackers, hackers, crackers, and spammers. Authentication, authorization and auditing are the most important issues of security on data communication. An authentication system must provide adequate security for its intended environment, otherwise it fails to meet its primary goal. A proposed system should … Read more

Real Time Edge Detection

Abstract – Real time edge detection is implement on the platform that consist of the TMS320DM6437 DSP, camera and canny edge detection algorithm. Edge detection is an important task in computer vision for extracting meaningful information from images. The main goal of our technique is to obtain thin edges. The edge detection is useful in … Read more

Security Fears Beyond the Wide Utilization and Growth of Social Networking

1.0. Introduction Nowadays, the applications of online social networking are not only surrounding the personal life but also their professional life of the population. It is also quite obvious that social media is providing more and more function and benefits worldwide, because the number of people from many countries with varied economic development, that are … Read more

FPGA based Jpeg encoder

Compression is playing a vital role in data transfer. Hence, Digital camera uses JPEG standard to compress the captured image data from sensors so as to reduce the storage requirements. Because, Photos capture from digital camera are big in size, so it take more time to upload such photos on web. Some time connection speed … Read more