Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Cognitive Processes in Children

For the past two years, the world has been ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic that causes an acute respiratory illness with heterogeneous systemic symptoms; therefore, the world has gone into lockdown as a social distancing measure to curb the spread of the virus. However, one cannot dismiss the adverse effects of this pandemic, as it … Read more

Social distancing and impacts on social isolation

The presentation on social distancing and impacts on social isolation discusses the policy recommendation that the households with four individuals or less must have the option to associate with another particular household once every week. It must be a similar household that they are interfacing with every week and not surpass a total of eight … Read more

Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic, what about the Migrants?

A refugee and an asylum seeker, two words very closely related, however they mean something very different for someone’s future. A refugee is someone who falls under the International Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. They fled their country because of religion, sexual orientation, political convictions or acts of war. An asylum seeker asks … Read more

World in Times of Coronavirus and Aftermath

The Covid-19 crisis has created a new normal – empty streets, closed cafes and restaurants, sealed borders, restricted travels and human interactions – a world paralysed at its own pace. Coronavirus has engulfed everyone’s lives with the fear of unknown, rather unforeseeable. People, in billions, have been forced to stay at home. Young and the … Read more

Impact of Covid-19 on employment and rights

Millions of migrants lost their jobs overnight due to the lockdown decision to combat Covid-19, one common enemy for all. The Pandemic has hit hard on the stock markets, leaving a dark impact on entire world’s economy. While nearly all sectors experienced losses, those with the most public exposure are worst hit. The aviation, travel, … Read more

Impact of Coronavirus on sport

As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide has skyrocketed, major sporting events have been canceled or postponed. The majority of competitive recreational sports at all levels are hanging in suspension. Many individuals (athletic and nonathletic) are not able to actively participate in their regular individual or group sporting or physical activities outside of their … Read more

Artificial Intelligence offers the most dependable & effective path to pandemic preparedness

Technology adds a layer of protection against the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals, organizations, and businesses are using it to develop their skills. Unlike previous periods of innovation in human history, the Fourth Industrial Revolution has always occurred without pause following a situational crisis – COVID-19 refusing to take a natural review period. The Fourth Industrial Revolution … Read more

How consumer perceptions and purchasing evolved over time during the Covid-19 pandemic

The repercussions of the coronavirus epidemic are still being felt throughout the world more than two years later. Many governments ordered partial shutdown of non-essential businesses, bars, other sites at the pandemic’s peak, restricted massive public gatherings, and urged individuals to work from home if feasible. With more vaccination and a decrease in incidence, this … Read more

Synchronous and asynchronous remote learning during the Covid-19 pandemic

Student’s Motivation and Engagement Motivation plays an important role in student engagement. Saeed and Zyngier (2012) contend that in order to assess student motivation, researchers should also have to examine engagement in and as part of learning. This manifests that there is a relationship between student motivation and engagement. As support to this relationship, Hufton, … Read more

Has the cost of R & D impacted vaccine development for Covid-19?

Introduction This report will be investigating and trying to answer the question of: ‘To what extent have the cost requirements of R&D, structure of the industry and government subsidy affected firms in the pharmaceutical industry in developing vaccines for Covid-19?’. The past two years have been very unpredictable for the pharmaceutical industry regarding the breakout … Read more

Factors affecting the mental health of the students during the COVID-19 pandemic

This chapter contains the review of related literature and studies done by the researchers. The factors affecting the mental health of the students during the COVID-19 pandemic were tackled in this chapter. The contents written in this chapter was gathered from various articles, books, and research thesis written by other authors and researchers. Local The … Read more

Modern technology and organizational communication

INTRODUCTION Covid-19 had been declared by World health organization as a severe pandemic which had badly affected all the countries both economically and socially. Multiple countries like Spain, France, UK, USA and Germany had declared a lockdown which involved telling their citizens to remain at homes. As a result, the businesses were equally disturbed and … Read more

Writing essays about Covid-19

Covid-19 continues to be a popular essay topic, given that the pandemic continues to have long-lasting affects across the globe.

The pandemic is a global health crisis caused by the novel coronavirus. This virus was first identified in late 2019, and since then it has spread rapidly around the world, causing millions of cases and thousands of deaths. It has caused unprecedented disruption to everyday life, with many countries implementing lockdowns and other measures to try to contain its spread.

Essays on this topic very often look at the impact on schools and education. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on learning. Schools and universities around the world have had to close, forcing students to learn remotely. This has meant that students have had to adjust to new ways of learning, often with limited resources and support. It has also disrupted the academic calendar, with many students having their exams cancelled or postponed.

In addition to disrupting learning, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a long-term impact on physical and mental health. With many countries in lockdown, people have been unable to access the physical activity and social interaction that is essential for physical and mental wellbeing. This has led to increases in anxiety and depression, as well as other mental health issues. It has also led to an increase in lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes, as people have been unable to access healthy food and exercise.

The long-term effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are still unknown, but they are likely to be significant. It is likely that there will be an increase in mental health issues and lifestyle diseases, as well as a reduction in educational attainment. It is also likely that many people will experience long-term financial hardship, as the pandemic has caused severe economic disruption.

In order to mitigate the long-term effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, governments and other organisations need to take action. This includes providing access to mental health services, ensuring access to physical activity, providing educational support, and helping people affected by financial hardship. It is also important that governments and organisations continue to implement measures to contain the spread of the virus, such as social distancing, wearing masks, and regularly testing.

In conclusion, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on learning, physical health, and mental health. Its long-term effects are still unknown, but are likely to be significant. In order to mitigate the long-term effects, governments and organisations need to take action to provide support to those affected, as well as continuing to implement measures to contain the spread of the virus.