Has the cost of R & D impacted vaccine development for Covid-19?

Introduction This report will be investigating and trying to answer the question of: ‘To what extent have the cost requirements of R&D, structure of the industry and government subsidy affected firms in the pharmaceutical industry in developing vaccines for Covid-19?’. The past two years have been very unpredictable for the pharmaceutical industry regarding the breakout … Read more

Eligibility for Covid-19 vaccinations (evaluating a news article)

It is an unfortunate truth that the struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly older adults, has been a devastating battle. In this news article by Farrah Merali titled “Ontario seniors ‘living in fear’ of COVID-19 feel forgotten in vaccine rollout plan”, the issues surrounding the distribution of vaccinations to for older adults who are right … Read more

Efficiency of using digital technology to implement contact tracing & vaccine registration

INTRODUCTION Covid -19 is an unprecedented global pandemic that has affected and changed human living since March of 2020. After a year of adjusting to the ‘new normal’, almost everything has shifted to the digital world. The physical interaction has been limited because of the possibility of spreading the virus. This paves the way for … Read more

Role of the American Government & Politics in Covid-19 vaccine rollout

Role of the American Government An article by The Washington Post dated December 30, 2020, reported that vaccine shots were taking long to reach the masses. In Milwaukee for example, the article points out that 500 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine were “intentionally” stored improperly, leading to them being discarded. According to the report, the … Read more

Improving uptake of canine vaccination programs

The novel approach in this intervention centres around the engagement of community animal health workers (CHWs) in directing and conducting dog rabies vaccination days while promoting participation by formulating local engagement strategies, comparing this approach to the standard of care of centrally coordinated rabies vaccination program. We assume that currently provided canine vaccination programs show … Read more

Vaccines are important to the future of a healthy human race

High fevers, rashes, infections, pneumonia, brain damage, muscle aches, swelling, inflammation of the brain and tissue, severe skin infections, and death. These are just a few of the many ramifications of vaccine preventable diseases(cdc). The diseases, and their complications become even more detrimental in the elderly, pregnant and in babies. The solution to these diseases … Read more

HIV and Hepatitis A & B vaccination

Abstract Prevention of opportunistic infections in HIV+ patients is important in reducing morbidity and mortality for these patients. Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B are two important infections in HIV+ patients for which the main method of prevention is vaccination. The aim of this audit was to evaluate the compliance of Beaumont Hospital’s Infectious Diseases department … Read more

The Benefits and Hazards of Vaccination

Despite the high ability of vaccines to protect people from dangerous diseases, or significantly reducing the morbidity cases of certain diseases, some society are now starting to focus on its risks. The focus on immunizations risks has been fueled by misconceptions existing in the community and a just a few cases that resulted to allergic … Read more

Are vaccines bad?

Can you believe that something that is supposed to protect you from diseases can contain harmful substances? Well although vaccines do contain harmful substances they have the right amount of it so they it won’t be so harmful Many people believe vaccines are a really bad thing and that they just cause other horrible things. … Read more

Vaccine Case Study (MMR)

A couple who are parents of 3 children are having an issue with giving their one year old child the MMR Vaccination, MMR stands for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. The parents believe after giving the MMR Vaccine to their five year old, that symptoms of Autism arose within their child. They believe the same symptoms … Read more